Amazing paradise with huge blocks: Lego Museum, Denmark LEGO HOUSE

Let the daily inspiration inspire us, extend the imagination from the small thoughts, pile up and piece together the prototype of fantasy - this is the image of Lego that you and I are familiar with. In the course of our growth, there have been traces of Lego bricks, and we are keen to combine plastic blocks of different sizes and colors to form a small universe of our own; it is to create an ideal dream castle by hand, or to be handsome and compelling. The super-sports supercar – Lego is like a imaginary thing that is seen or even invisible in the process of growing up. Small blocks are put together to form a piece of furniture, and then into a room. With their hands, they create their own “Flourish Flourish”; so piled up, piled up many Lego fans around the world, and finally ushered in the largest And the most amazing Legoland - LEGO House, Lego Museum, Denmark. Image Courtesy of BIG. Image Courtesy of BIG. This Lego Museum (also known as "Home of the Brick"), which looks like a stack of oversized bricks, is nothing more than a new paradise for Lego fans. It is located in the birthplace of LEGO. - Billund, Denmark; like an enlarged building body, designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), Copenhagen, Denmark. Bjarke Ingels is a fan of Lego himself. Before he practices his ideas in physical buildings, he always creates models with Lego first; in 2016, he was responsible for the creation of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London. It is not difficult to see that the concept of "building blocks" is inspired by his architectural works. Image Courtesy of LEGO House. Image Courtesy of LEGO House. The most wonderful and important part of the fun process is to make people imagine a new world that is more exciting and more expressive than reality, and empower people to practice – and This is also the spirit of architecture. ——Bjarke Ingels looks like LEGO House with small blocks. It shows a sense of height and low sense; a total of about 12,000 square meters of space, including free open squares, restaurants and lectures, as well as the theme of the paid experience. The gallery is integrated into the landscape in a simple and clever way, and it also visualizes Lego's creativity. Among them, the most representative 2×4 building blocks (Keystone) are the most classic. The remaining 20 buildings stacked on top of each other are also shaped like Lego blocks, which combines brand spirit and game features. A high-altitude bird's-eye view, see Lego's iconic red, blue, green, and yellow colors, presenting creative, logical cognition, cooperation, and emotional experience zones. Each district wants to make Lego fans or general visitors feel free to sway. Creativity. Image Courtesy of...

The land where the shemale and the demon coexist, through the fantasy love of life and death: "Kangcang Story"

Story, as one of the genres of traditional Japanese literature, the beginning of the conversation, followed by the extension of the story, biography and other similar meanings, the depth of the history of the chisel, shaping the world trajectory, but also opening up the future imagination. Among them, it may be an insignificant past, a swearing slogan, or a daily sorrow worthy of taste. When the world is awkward, sings and quiets, sings, retells and outlines, let the story Entering ordinary life is both fantastic and true. In ancient times, the Greek mythology Orpheus entered the underworld to save his wife. The depression is a tragedy. If it repeats itself today, what is the feeling of "who will be married even if the reincarnation is reincarnation?" When the beasts are infested, it is a matter of course; if God is poor and the surprises are endless, the Kappa, the seated boy and the one-eyed can be seen everywhere, and the love and strange talks are on the beat, and the force opens the "Kamakura Story". With the pillows, Huang Quan is a friend, and the fantasy is warm and eternal. I have a glimpse of the art of "speaking things", and I have to write a story from the beginning. Let us start from the beginning. The first words: the coexistence of the shemale is incredible. The incredible, difficult to prove phenomenon or singular inheritance, and finally a widely circulated strange talk. The suspense novel writer Yishen Zhenghe (堺雅人饰), the work is difficult to produce, the police asked, the incarnation of the detective to solve the killing. The investigation is not as simple as logical reasoning, but also needs to perceive the ghost to testify - after all, the ancient capital Kamakura, here is a town where personal and ghosts coexist. It is not only the boundary between the devil and Huangquan, but also the intertwined capital of the living and the deceased's thoughts; not only live in humans, but also monsters, gods, etc., and how weird phenomena are used to it. There are demon harassment, and it is investigated by the spiritual search class. There are mysterious senior housewives and poor gods, and there is a newly married wife, Akiko (Gao Yuchong), who is warmly cared for. When there is a life, the god of death will visit. Guide on Huangquan Road, witness the warmth of witnesses. In any of the antiques, there are always unbelievable bursts, like the Kappa in the home, the cock wind vane that does not forget to go home, etc.... The existence of human beings and other worlds is fantastic and fascinating. The second words: imagination is the best weapon to face the unreasonable scene, we may be panic and unable to think, but the funny thing is that once you calm down and think carefully, you will often unconsciously smile - make people laugh The key seems to be coming from imagination. Incorporating the night market of Taiwan and the inspirational monster market of Sapporo's market in Busan, South Korea, the magical train to Huangquan, the demon to accompany the beloved, and the indescribable visual imagination are all released in Kamakura. The wife is martyrdom, the husband is determined to brave Huang Quanguo, vowed to bring the wife's soul back to the world, but also to brainstorm; only because of a thing, chaos, chaos, imagination, unstoppable, not only map the heart of the yellow spring appearance, but also Create a weapon to eliminate evil. It is a pity to squander, but in Huang Quanguo's renewed forefront, as the parents of Zhenghe, while imagining love, they are more imagining the situation - those hopes and regrets that cannot be built in reality are better than imagination. Imagination is undoubtedly the best weapon, but it is indispensable, and only love can drive this imagination. The final words: Destiny Destiny is that everything is regular, everything in the world is also timed, and public opinion is with the beauty of heaven. To say that you are in love with Akiko, the gap between the ages is different from each other, and it is not too far to say that it is "destiny". There are unpredictable things in the sky, people have a good fortune, true love is left behind, and the peace and death must cross the border between life and death and Akiko, and the second time is as sweet as it is. Constantly smashing and smashing, it is a good thing to see the death syndrome, so that "the fate is destined" is said to be fermented at this moment; the fate of Sansheng III, the fate from the ancient times to the present, exquisitely surprised, also reveals that the love is the love . As for death, it can be said that the fate of Akiko, who is in love with his wife and daughter, is inseparable from Honda’s editor (Honda Shinji). In the face of the understanding of death (Ando Sakura), there is always a chance to use the life of the living, or even Turning into a monster to survive, and finally to the destiny of love.徘徊 徘徊 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 迷Image Source: atmovies. Join Polysh Facebook to read the latest and interesting art and film articles at any time.

A happy credit: "Harvard did not teach happiness"

汲汲 Camp, rushing to work, for the future is also happy, but always feel that a few miles away from happiness. What is happiness? The answer varies from person to person. The diversity of life is also here: chasing the bustling, you open a list of good-looking, collecting cars, sitting in luxury homes; advocating simplicity, you list the peace of mind, self-sufficiency, calm and calm list - no matter how happy you are Why, all have to fight forward, and all other unnecessary things are left behind. However, once the list is completed and enjoys the envy of others, there is always a sudden loss of attack, and the heart is eager to be happy; even smart, like the 19-year-old Harvard jumper, in the face of "happy answers," there is no possibility of solution. . The recently released movie "Harvard's Unhappy Lessons" is a proposition. Faced with the pursuit and doubt of "happy", perhaps it is a person who can share his life with him. At the age of 18, she graduated from Harvard and entered the 19-year-old Kelly. Her talented genius with an IQ of 185 is extremely smart. She has a well-known academic qualification but no happy life. The personality is stubborn, the interpersonal relationship is everywhere, and the father who had been dependent on each other actually planned to set up another family; in order not to let Kelly be unhappy, but also to avoid the more embarrassed, the father invited a psychologist to give treatment, gave Kelly a A list of six tasks is a to-do list that must be completed before she gets a "happy" answer. Can Kelly really find happiness and happiness as she wishes? Focusing on the narrative main axis of "Ha", the general meaning of happiness, undoubtedly you know me, but it is also the most difficult difficulty in life, and one of the most profound elements of many growth-oriented inspirational films. "Why should we pursue happiness? What good is happiness?" Kelly, who could not find happiness, once questioned, "Some people are unhappy in their lives, but they are still very good, like Søren Kierkegaard, Beethoven. (Ludwig van Beethoven), Vancent Van Gogh. Why do I have to be so obsessed with looking for happiness? It is just an act of people who want to escape from reality and condone their own indulgence." Perhaps happiness is not a great thing, Kay Li is looking for happiness and awkwardly asking questions, highlighting the sharpness of the character's character and reaffirming the essence of happiness. The so-called "happy list", the rules are clear, and the big ones are similar. In a nutshell, they are living in the present, concentrating on everything they are experiencing, and connecting with the external people's emotions; the arrival of happiness and happiness, It's so simple and not simple. There is always an unexpected surprise between people coming and going. A city that can accommodate all the geeks and geniuses creates a "human" style. In the inspirational film, the tacit understanding is never boring: Surprisingly, the moment of resonance is unique. The most conceited geek of "Ha" film is played by British actor Bel Powley, which is interpreted in place and has its own characteristics. The Diary of a Teenage Girl, which is widely acclaimed from the Japanese Dance Film Festival, vents the loneliness and lust of the Huai Chun girl in front of the camera, almost in real life. Stealing men and women who are forbidden. This time, I once again injected strange and intelligent characters into the character of "Ha". I used to love and entangle myself. At this moment, depression and pleasure, bothering the troubles of the girl, fascinating youth, never tired. The dialogues such as "the transcendence is the focus" and the "Hobs is the dark version of Rousseau" are the exclusive words that geniuses know; but the endless struggles and confusion, genius and mediocrity There is no difference between them, and there are all the people who are born and raised. The famous Harvard girl, who reflects the ordinary and the me, is a stand-out and a uniform. In the midst of it, the realization of life has always been tolerated, very special, but also particularly suffering; however, as the "Ha" film is finally returned, pleasure will eventually catch up. All images via IMDb. Join Polysh Facebook to read the latest and interesting movies and art articles at any time.

The white net is woven into the floor, the window is turned into a passage, and the play house created by the "Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse" is a play house: Jerry House, Thailand

Whether it is vaguely remembered, the energetic and curiosity of childhood is often released through running and playing. In the case of a lot of money, it will naturally not be able to give appropriate space to play; brothers and sisters know each other, close to each other, always like to spend a happy time indoors. On the contrary, to enjoy the best choices in nature, to be close to the crowd, to feel the life, to explore is to be outside; but from time to time to limit the crowd climate, the attributes are appropriate or not, the external limitations and norms, will also make people retreat. Extraordinarily delighted, a special holiday home built to cater to the joy and praise of the adventurous spirit, is located in the seaside resort of Cha Am, Thailand. Jerry House behind the scenes is the architectural firm Onion, co-founded by Arisara Chaktranon and Siriyot Chaiamnuay in Thailand. They have designed and built the case, and they have a lot of fun, multi-dimensional techniques, materials and space patterns. Unconventional, unexpected surprises. Outdoor adventures are a normal impression, but indoor adventures are a must. Jerry House has become an exclusive indoor play area for adventures, allowing children and adults to play in a unique creative space, and to be inspired and vented. Onion not only meets the needs of homeowners who want to allow four children to stretch freely at home, family and friends can live comfortably, but also demonstrate the possibilities of building renovation. The famous cartoon "Tom and Jerry" ("Tom and Jerry"), you chase me and sway the cat and mouse battles in any corner of the house, which has become the source of inspiration for Jerry House. Onion hopes to break the limits of traditional homes and create a lifestyle that can run, climb, hide and fall free for Jerry House. They opened the five-story building vertically, and penetrated the atrium in the whole floor to become the core space of daily living; the horizontal is woven into the floor ground with white net, and the upper and lower is the moving ladder with the rope ladder and the physical ladder. Surrounded by semi-circular ports and windows, in addition to providing children with a path to explore, there is also a sense of prying eyes, whether it is the beauty of the beach outside the house or the greenery, you can look infinitely. Jerry House, constructed with multi-directional channels and holes of different sizes, is like the favorite cheese of Jelly Mouse, rich in infinite loops; Tom Cat keeps chasing Jerry rats, but Jerry can always find the best Escape the route. Vertical and parallel through the moving line, allowing children to climb or lie in the open space, or jump or lie, play hide and seek, to explore the nerves, explore and adventure. What makes Jerry House remarkable is that there is plenty of light from the semi-circular windows that come in different sizes; since the hope is in the bright space, the play can be more enjoyable. Its excellent natural light sense is also attributed to the color planning of different regions: the main game area of ​​the building core, with white as the overall visual theme, the black carpet on the floor, and then the white round cushioning finishing touch, the contrast is not boring . Looking up, each living space and bedroom are dotted with different colors. There are children's rooms with different tunnel connections in the room, infused with a saturated ocean blue; the unique master bedroom with soft and crisp mustard yellow; the warm hospitality room is elegant Quiet red and purple. The choice of colours is colorful and brings a different home atmosphere. ...

A touch of moonlight, reflecting the group image of Hong Kong's turbulent times: "When is the moon?"

History is a piece of words, but it is also a plethora of enthusiasm; each person is close to each other, but in order to seek knowledge, it is also worth remembering. As we grow older, we feel that history is getting more and more fragrant, because history is mostly non-fiction, even more ridiculous than fiction. When you are close to people, there will always be a moment of unforgettable moments. Recording and narration, reappearing, and the taste of life that is both familiar and unfamiliar enough to make future generations feel invisible. The helplessness of the small people in the turbulent times of the big era, the love and hate of the high and low-ranking people, all the way to talk about the big screen goodbye; the turbulent and magnificent, or the nameless abandonment of the world, the chisel is especially deep. There was "Golden Age" before, and later "When is the moon", all from the director of Xu Anhua. "Golden Age" is about the soft and embarrassing emotional entanglement of the talented woman Xiao Hong, and her twists and turns in the war. In order to avoid the disappearance of culture in the war, the ordinary or noble past, Enron has witnessed. "When a few months of the moon" is the highest state of the spirit of the times, the precious cultural blood depends on the authentic people; under the moonlight, I am astonished. Heavy and dragging forward, the will involuntarily stayed in the fall of Hong Kong; the decisive and indifferent of the benevolent people is the documentary of "Most of the Moon" on youth and life. At the end of 1941, Hong Kong fell, and the Japanese invaded Hong Kong in mad looting. They searched for cultural figures stranded in Hong Kong and forced them to cooperate. The Hong Kong Dongjiang guerrillas received instructions from their superiors to rescue the cultural figures in Hong Kong and Kowloon. The sacrifices such as gun battles, street fighting, bombing and smoke were endless. In the three years and eight months of mourning, a group of licorice characters defended. Hong Kong and the ferocious Japanese army fight, dedication and deduction. The children’s personal feelings placed in the troubled times are equally tormenting. Inheriting the "Golden Age", "When the Moon is a Time" begins with the face of the legendary female "Prime School Teacher Fang Lan", and then creates the enthusiasm of the two-year special agent Li Jinrong and Liu Hezi of the short-gun team. The thrilling and unrequited heart of each line is full of sorrows, and at the same time, the path of suffering is a strange path that outlines the three people's vivid appearance. When is the moon? Ask the wine to ask the sky. I don’t know what the palace is, but what year is it. Taken from the fascinating singer of Su Dongpo, the fascinating singer of the water, and the direct question: "When is the moon?", not only the desire of the crowd in the turbulent times, but also the squad between Li Jinrong and the Japanese officers. "," the argument of "he". It seems that Pingyin calls the word to choose, but also listens to the thunder in silence, trying to reflect the inner monologue of the Hong Kong people in the enemy. People who are unable to sleep because of their enthusiasm, whether they are full of enthusiasm, should they be like each other, or if they are chilling? Good poetry and good words, into the title and into the soul, to see the "Ming" film Gao Ming. Love is a must, throwing a patriotic sentiment of blood and blood, there is still tenderness like water. In the last sentence, "I hope that people will last forever, and they will have a thousand miles." The love between Fang Lan and Li Jinrong is depicted in a few moments. Looking at the moon and night, thinking of the distant people, only those who are willing to miss, can last for a long time, no disaster and no disease; even if it is impossible to reunite, send a heart away from thousands of miles away, and enjoy this round of bright moon, so that it is easy to hope. When I look back at the red dust, there are lovers who hate the night, and the whole night is deeper. The poetry of "The Moon is a few times" is overflowing in the lines. Perhaps first-time, "When the moon is a little", the viewer will give the viewer a sizzling day, his wife's ion and the bloody anti-Japanese scene. But in reality, the protagonist’s daughter-in-law takes the lead in rescuing the literati. Although it is related to the life of the head on the waistband of the trousers, it is not humble; the daily leisurely is the cognitive change of the female slut, and it is also the feeling of sorrow and sorrow. It is the heroic spirit of Grand Theft Auto. The monologue and the lens language alone show a moment of aura. The film features an excerpt from the Chinese writer Mao Dun's "Twilight": "...the wind has gone with the declaration of the sunset. Like a sudden melting, the numerous golden eyes of the sea are flattened to the dark green face. There is a tragic and strong scream. The darkness of the night will be heavy and falling..." Like a whole wedge, the sunset is magnificent by the sea; the lofty ambition, the broad mind and the firm belief are always urging people. Prosperous. Director Xu Anhua’s joys and sorrows, which are still known in the film, are still in the film. Tragic physique should be praised, and public opinion is also reviewed through a surviving person. Recalling the fragmentary statement, that pity and vicissitudes of life made the people in the past jump on paper. Looking at Hong Kong today, high-rise buildings are more than a row of scales. Although they are sighed by the past, the group portraits of Hong Kong people in wartime are as vivid as they are. All Images Courtesy of Double Happiness Movie Double Happiness Movie. Join Polysh Facebook to read the latest and interesting movies and art articles at any time.

In the journey named Life, make an appointment to enter the entrance to the paradise: "Bahawang Grand Hotel"

"Life is a journey to death." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca, an ancient Roman philosopher, is a sentient being, and we are all heading towards our destination as a traveller. The world is like a stopover in the inn. The end of the trip - trying to piece together, life is indeed a trip, and ultimately must face death. However, perhaps death is not only the end of travel, but also a door to the eternal hometown; standing in front of this unavoidable death facade, it is not the emptiness of life, but the bloom of life. Hey. A moment of thought, knowing that the limit is approaching, seems to be the perception that everyone enters the late years; when the long day will be exhausted, is it silent to ask the sky? Or seek salvation freely, and bid farewell to the blessings? In the director Subas. Shubhashish Bhutiani's work, Mukti Bhavan/ Hotel Salvation, is on the journey to death with a father who is desperately going to the death hotel, working with a raging, exhausted son. Try to explore the answer; after all, death may not be the destruction of life, but a place to change. Be prepared to treat death as the home of life, but how close is it to those close to you? "Bahawang Hotel" tells this proposition. The 77-year-old Indian old man Daya made a premonition dream and felt that he would be on the move, resolutely forcing his son Rajiv to accompany him to the holy city of Varanasi, hoping to end there. Rajiv was helpless, had a hard time, put down his work, and traveled with the stubborn father; all was only in the holy city, let his father stay at a redemption hotel, and successfully booked the "waiting for death" room. Time passed by, my son struggled with the responsibility of life, and wanted to return to everything else. Dad seemed to have a deep understanding. The deep shackles of the father and the son, such as "Ocean Heaven", "Nebraska", "The Judge" and so on, may not be common; but because of daily experience, Always able to roll up the silk, his father is inexplicable, his son is helpless, and he does everything in his usual family. The "Pak" film is intoxicated to set it up. It is a real hotel. It is specially set up for Hindus. The only purpose of the elderly who come here often is to wait for death. I hope to be buried in the Ganges after death. The rivers are precious, and the best burial area is the Ganges River in Varanasi, which is considered by the believers to be “the entrance to heaven”, where the Bahawan Hostel is located. If you are still dying, if you have not passed away for more than two weeks during your stay, you may be advised to check out. The ridiculous regulations also make the "Ba" film under heavy burdens, and you can still be humorous and smile. The second is director Subas. When Budian heard about the Varanasi Hotel and went to the investigation with suspicion, he discovered that the hotel was not only one, but many of them were located in remote alleys far from the city, each with its own rules of operation. The guest staying here has a surprising story and conversation, inspiring the director to take inspiration, and revealing the meaning of the "Ba" film - death has its will, for the loved ones, for life, there is always a calm moment; like staying For a long time, the widow of the widow, Vimla, arrived at the deadline. The hotel manager suggested that he would change his pseudonym and continue to live. "Death is a process." The hotel manager emphasized that its operation and guidelines are full of mystery and uncontrollable power. On-the-spot visits, personal contact, and the "Bahawang Grand Hotel", the same cultural baptism. In the film, the deceased generally disposed of a scene. Before the cremation, he was lifted to the Ganges to soak a little, and then the relatives cremation according to the ceremony; burning all day and night, to complete the final wish for the dead; father and son to join the wife and children The night sacrifice, as Varanasi's local millennium, is dedicated to the highest awe of the Ganges mother. It is clear that the "Pak" film is particularly deep in the people's winds, starting from focusing on the separation between the father and the child, and then gradually confirming that "there is a father who must have his son" (Daya feels more like Rajiv himself); another rich part of the text, Written between Rajiv and daughter Sunita: Rajiv remembers Sunita's marriage and chooses autonomous tug-of-war against her daughter—the conflict between father and son, the awkward communication between father and daughter, and the values ​​of each generation resonate with each other. Fortunately, this difficult family story can be seen in the end when you can see the open heart; as death, in the secular sense, both redemption and freedom. All Images Courtesy of 2017 Taoyuan Film Festival. Join...

Take the time machine and step into the magical old time: Tokyo THE GLOBE Antique Grocery Store

Different eras have different aspirations and interpretations for beauty. Objects that have been nurtured and left behind by time and space, even if we can't witness their experiences and shuttle through them, we can still feel the atmosphere of their excitement; classics, stories, the rise and fall of the times, and praise The old things are stacked under the engraving, and the long-standing existence is more charming. The GLOBE Antique Grocery Store in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan, can experience the vast historical charm of a trip, like a time machine, returning to a familiar but unfamiliar old time. As evidenced by the times of the past, THE GLOBE has treated the past years with new and complete treatments, and there is also a sense of time and space that is confusing but unable to extricate itself. Compared to the traditional Japanese architectural atmosphere, THE GLOBE has a rich European style. Compared to the traditional Japanese architectural atmosphere, THE GLOBE has a rich European style. Located at the intersection of Sanxuan Tea House and Chihwa Bridge, THE GLOBE is about 15 minutes from Tokyo Sanxuan Tea House Station. Compared to the traditional Japanese architectural atmosphere, the interior is filled with a strong European style, like a fairy tale scene in the Middle Ages. Mysterious, the ups and downs of the European aristocracy, the fascinating light and shadow of the old things stacked. The main groceries name, THE GLOBE can be said to be one of the first antique shops opened in Japan. This year, the 25th year of its establishment, the generation in the antique trading circle is obvious. The whole building has four floors, one, two, the next floor and other halls; the first floor has a variety of antique seats and sofas, and the attached coffee shop is filled with antique lighting, which is quite nostalgic and romantic. When the wind and the sun are shining, the open-air cafe is also intimately provided, allowing visitors to enjoy coffee in the sun bath. As soon as you step into the door, it is the coffee shop attached to THE GLOBE, full of antique lighting. The second floor should be used for the collection of lighting fixtures, velvet fabrics and furniture. THE GLOBE's collection of lighting and lighting, even if it comes from Europe, is all changed to Japanese specifications. The ground floor is full of old cabinets, storage cabinets, tables and chairs and other large furniture, metal products and building materials, like a quaint warehouse. The ground floor is full of old cabinets, storage cabinets, tables and chairs and other large furniture, metal products and building materials, like a quaint warehouse. The ground floor is full of old cabinets, storage cabinets, tables and chairs and other large furniture, metal products and building materials, like a quaint warehouse. Each floor is hanged with various chandeliers of various sizes, emitting warm yellow light. As soon as you step into the door, it is the coffee shop attached to THE GLOBE, full of antique lighting. THE GLOBE's collection of lighting and lighting, even if it comes from Europe, is all changed to Japanese specifications. The ground floor is full of old cabinets, storage cabinets, tables and chairs and other large furniture, metal products and building materials, like a quaint warehouse. The ground floor is full of old cabinets, storage cabinets, tables and chairs and other large furniture, metal products and building materials, like a quaint warehouse. The ground floor is full of old cabinets, storage cabinets, tables and chairs and other large furniture, metal products and building materials, like a quaint warehouse. Each floor is hanged with various chandeliers of various sizes, emitting warm yellow light. On the second floor are lighting fixtures, velvet fabrics and furniture, and a dazzling array of crystal chandeliers, dazzling under the brilliance; the next floor is large furniture, metal products and building materials, and the pieces are shiny and eye-catching. In addition, the attraction is to have a cave in the back, to unveil its mystery, and to display a variety of European groceries; from picnic tableware, fragrance supplies, porcelain plates, to bedroom furnishings, hanging picture frames, etc. Like a private collection of private gifts, wait for someone to vote for it. There is another annex at the back of THE GLOBE, which houses a variety of household items. Embroidered pillows and fabrics. ...

Fragments scattered in the truth, Witnesses

The type of film, which belongs to the Taiwanese type of film, may be slumbered to death, perhaps optimistic and patiently brewing, always saying that it is easier to do. Despite the incomprehensibility of the "accomplice", the private feelings of "out of control lies", the grotesque glimpse of "the downstairs tenants", etc., still can't bear the blame of the blame, knowing that filming is difficult, making type movies is more difficult, paradox It is still a road that Japan and South Korea have already traveled hard decades ago. The choice of subject matter and the space for creation are becoming more and more free, and the number of outputs is endless. Nowadays, the types of oriental faces: Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, etc. are very insightful. In contrast, the mentality of "Taiwan can do this is not easy!" is inevitably dwarfed; based on experience, it is based on small fresh love. As a bottleneck, moving out of the "we" style rather than the style of "they" is the real focus of complementing Taiwan's extreme lack of type. From "What the Ghosts", "The Death of the Guardian" to "The Little Girl in Red", the new director Cheng Weihao, who became a demon god, shows the potential and charm of the type of film, and now ", as the original intention: "The story is the most horrible when it reaches the last page." It seems to officially announce the arrival of a new type of peak. "No one can see the whole picture of the truth, because we are all fragments of the sparse." Exploring the slogan of humanity also initiated the proposition of "Witnesses." The social line reporter Xiao Qi was very angry, and found out that the car he was driving was an accident car that was revived by the corpse, or the night of the thunderstorm nine years ago, the witness of the car accident; at the same time, he was dismissed for making false reports, forcing him. I decided to trace the case of the car accident nine years ago. I want to use the connections of the social line for many years to explore the truth about the car accident. The case is restarted. Who is the murderer? Who is an accomplice? Why do you do it? The story is stripped and stripped, which also proves that people are speculative. Gray is real and cannot be easily distinguished by "good guys" or "bad guys". Just as the highway in the movie overlooks the empty picture, it is also intricate in all directions. Sometimes it is mixed, sometimes separated, and flipped several times. In the vortex of fate, everyone wants to find out the truth, or even cover up the truth; all audiovisual Like a illusion, it is confusing into the most horrible ghost story, listening carefully to the gaze, and the enthusiasm of the "Mesh" film is the illusory depiction of the Luoshengmen. From the scene of the car accident at the opening of the "Mesh" film, the "multi-double" eyes reflected by the mirrors outside the car implied the essence of "multiple" viewing, and the fascinating and obscure nature. Every time a car accident hits an impact, whether it is hit or hit. They all have the shock of subjective perspective and also verify the oral facts of the characters. What is interesting is that the car body can not collide several times. It is not only annoying and greasy, nor lack of vision and new ideas. It is due to the accurate calculation of the editing, and the illusion of hypnosis. At that time, both of them are harmed by the two, but at the moment they are both Suspected, extremely smart entertainment, really, the audience will believe. A reasonable suspense is enough to make a full complement. The finishing touch is the extra points. The completeness of the "Mesh" film is also made by the sound creation: there is wind, rain, and chasing when there is an accident; Sound, ringtones, footsteps; swearing, hatching, crying, head-banging; sound passages with different levels and deep emphasis, in the illusion project, it is fundamental to reproduce, it can affect the overall situation. It is as if it is in the environment, and it is the most valued place for people to suffer from physical and mental pains. The production practice is complete, and there are quite a lot of things in the movie. In addition to a few scenes of the robin, the ubiquitous bird songs, the English title uses a virginity of the British children. "Who killed Cock Robin?" (Who killed the robin?). "Who killed Cock Robin?", describing that the Cock Robin was given a death under a ridiculous trial (Bird Assizes), including sparrows and other people gathered for funeral; but at the end of the nursery rhyme, killing The more bird sparrow has become the subject of the next trial, revealing that the murderer will eventually receive the sanctions he deserves and the core value of the causal cycle. Following the concept, it is not difficult to find that the story is in line with the virginity, and the memory fragments contaminated with blood and tears and thunderstorms have been completely subverted again and again, returning to the original point for no reason; the survivors of the car accident are even more public. Reasonable, the woman said that she is reasonable, always with the incompleteness, sin and secrets, and continues to live their lives. In the end, the party knows that it is not not reported that the time has not yet arrived. Of course, "The Eyes" is still beautifully carved. It is the type of "We" mentioned above. How can it be seen? Trying to think about revealing the private life of others, how many justice ethics "journalists" exist in private, whether in the police station Joe accident, from afar to inquire about the "tea" that people can always be competent to play an intermediary role, or the grass-roots car repair "Black hand", etc., is nothing more than Taiwan's familiar realistic culture. It is secretive in the type of horror. Perhaps it is one of its dark injuries, but the plot is one of its dark injuries. However, it is the sincerity of "eyewitness". . Image Sources: atmovies & Witnesses Facebook. Join Polysh Facebook to read the latest and interesting movies and art articles at any time.

Remove the colored glasses that watch "Love": "When they are weaving carefully"

God created the world, and created man, and created the "man", which is to create a man and a woman according to his own image. Even if you give everything you need, you have the desire, the effort, the ability to love is different from person to person; it is not born with it, it is not a matter of hand, it is a kind of learning that must be obtained, must advance with the times to have something The ability to grow is the only true meaning of "love." What is cute is that the appearance of love is changeable. Some people love to be alone. Some people love their hearts and hurt. After thousands of turns, they are always in the round of love. Poorly, there is a kind of person waiting in the world. To love, the number is not wrong, as if from the birth of the womb, it is not for the care of God. He does everything he can to punish him/her, so that he can not bear the perseverance; only because of fearless gender shackles, want to awaken the truest self, The intrinsic soul of the opposite sex, but the appearance of the meat is contrary. We deserve to be loved, and more worthy of loving people, just like "When they are carefully weaving", the possibility that a man is a woman's heart; love, this has nothing to do with gender. "What is different?" As a person, there is a right to love, "when they are carefully weaving". A single-parent girl, a friend, after her mother ruthlessly left home, she had to rely on the shackle to live without a road. The shepherd gave a pre-emptive sentence: "I am living with someone, she is a bit strange, but it is not right; in short, still have to First, I screamed." Xiaoyou was surprised. The cohabiting lover’s nephew was actually a transgender of the soul and the wrong body. He did not know the curiousness of the unknown, but also the warmth of the family. However, the good times are not always good, and the feeling of "home" is perfect. Sooner or later, it will face the embarrassment of the younger mother of the younger friend. Maternal attachment and encouragement, from the first shot of "Dang" film is obvious: the immature childish girl, quietly finishing close-fitting clothing, the bright bra is obviously not her, unhappy and caressing its texture, reminding Growing up in advance, forced to develop; in the boring Lai, a trace of maternal love is almost extravagant, the original family at this moment, compared to the scorpion as a care for the care of the child, the premise of family existence (whether it is really blood relationship?), it seems to be thinking Thinking back. Zuo Siyou thinks that the relationship between the young friend and the nephew and the emotional flow are undoubtedly irrelevant to the gender of the nephew. A person who is kind and wants to be a mother can show the appearance of loving the child. Even if it was originally a man, it can understand women more than women, release a deeper love than women, and naturally achieve the gentle gender story of "When", which is revealed in many exquisite details. If the scorpion has not been transgendered, and the mother indicated that she wants a pair of chests, the mother personally weaves the breasts. Although it is not true, it can replace the soothing; also, as the mother of the scorpion always plays, the total mouth is unobstructed and asks: "Little friends Is the chest of the cockroach beginning to develop? Is there any pain?” It is not only a representation of women, but also a reflection of the greatness of the mother’s mother’s love. In the past, the son’s gender was wrong. No matter how ridiculous the outsider is, no one is allowed. Hurt her dearest child. Another example is "weaving" (hairing) is regarded as the most important part of the film. As a catharsis channel of Xunzi's emotions, it is too grievous to suffer from bitterness. Every time you play a good mood, it looks like a male penis, and it is also an annoyance for over-transfer. At the end of the collection of 108 pieces of burning (Buddhist hundred and eight troubles), step by step to the true self; especially remembered, playing a group of colorful wool balls, it has become a scorpion, a small friend and a shepherd three People have common interests. It turns out that the happiness scene of the family can also be woven by the multi-family. Thanks to Taipei’s temporary advertising words (such as teaching children), it is inappropriate to remove the advertising relationship in the station, and from time to time, the gender dissatisfaction with the rights and interests, "When they are carefully weaving" is controversial, In essence, it is a big thing. In addition to being selected as the designated textbook for gender education by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education has given the teachers a reference model for "teaching children". It is also designed to reflect the LGBT culture at the Berlin Film Festival. The Teddy Award won the jury award. With its demeanor, it is not difficult to understand that when they are carefully weaving, they appeal to face the gender identity, and the unnecessary labeling and bullying are inevitable after the deliberation. The so-called beloved person may be the strange person in the daily routine (like the male friend of the very small friend and his mother), and it is resolutely ordered to reflect on the present parents and explore the true self is not the original sin - the sin is not questioned. Fear, or struggling to pursue the child of their own sexuality, and the erroneous mistakes made by the creator. The little friend played by Kakihara Kaneka is fascinating; looking at the scorpion played by Ikuta, the soft and graceful; learning the pastoral life played by Kiriguchi, and the shoulders of the family; the colored glasses of love will eventually be out of date. Image Sources: Close-Knit & atmovies & IMDb. Join Polysh Facebook to read the latest and interesting movies and art articles at any time.

The dark moonlight that reflects the self: "The Blue Boy in the Moonlight"

"Be yourself, the world worships originality." (Be yourself. The world worships the original.) - Swedish actress Ingrid. Ingrid Bergman's long road to life, such as a white paper came to the world, what is the "self" question, immediately and vividly; young and ignorant, old age and then white hair, seemingly coming, sometimes However, it was broken suddenly. It was only because of the long years of time. Once I was stunned, I found out that the pure self had disappeared. At this moment, I proved that I grew up, but when I turned back, I did not see the footprint of growth. However, I tried to blink, and I was so familiar with it. Unfamiliar growth pictures, as if it were like morning dew, dripping on the ordinary asphalt road, the sun is shining, the pearls are shining brightly, silently reminding those who have walked the road, and the original true appearance of their own; Fear of strange eyes, but also forget that "beauty" is a change from self-discrimination, but fortunately grow up with poetry, whispering like a whisper, poetry is really moving, such as "Blue Boy in Moonlight" ("Moonlight": "You will finally decide At some point, you gotta decide for yourself who you're going to be. Can you decide what kind of person you want to be." 't let nobody make that decision for you.), you have the final say. The wind blows, a black child stands in the sea, the moon shines, the skin looks blue, and the nickname is not too much. He looks back and says nothing, this is the moonlight. The last shot of the Blue Boy is also the beginning of a black child’s life. The "Month" film has grown for 20 years. From the three stages of children, youth and adults, the three movements of the African-American boy's pursuit of self are played. The African-born boy is Chiron. He lives in Miami. He is short and quiet. He is often the target of bullying in school. He struggles to survive and survives with his will. But the real cruelty is not Outside the world, but your own love feelings. Different ages, different moods, and different encounters, the three aspects of my (Xia Long), as the "Month" film is written in three chapter names "i", "ii", "iii", which is "I" The allegations also point out that "Little" (small), "Chiron" (Charlon) and "Black" (Black) are the life experiences of the three big ones. The pain and understanding of growth is nothing more than this. As the film posters of the "Moon" piece are carefully designed, the young ones, the temperament Xialong, and the adult blacks, each face is pieced together according to one-third. In childhood, he was bullied and misunderstood, and because of the ambiguity, he would be a drug dealer and aunt. It was like finding the imagination of the father and family that he had never had, but also because the mother was smashing drugs, and the small world was on the verge of collapse. Youth, Hormon drives sexual exploration, the beginning of love, the physical and mental harmony, but the painful fight back to reality, the original world is so absurd. In adulthood, a friend who once comforted the lonely and had fists, suddenly gathered together and tweaked memories: "You are the only man who ever touched me.", the unforgettable love, forever Can unload the armed self. Until now, Xia Long stumbled and came over. After several peer pressures, sexual identity, mother-child jealousy, pure love, and fierce fighting, it was known that they had met each other. Those frustrated, longing, and secular, nothing but in your memory. Deep familiarity, perhaps the "Month" film is unremarkable, but staying white, confused growth history, can return to Gan from time to time. ...