A soft kidnapping from the family drama, eager for a moment of guitar and sound: "Lao Niang's family"

With a few inciting shots, lead the audience's eyes: a middle-aged woman, plain undressed, walked out of an old house, bought a newspaper, looking for a rental house. Uncovering the film's prelude, the stamina is strong; when the movie is over, it can be looked back. It turned out that this time the action of finding a house was the beginning of all revolutions. The story of the film "My Happy Family" is degenerate. It tells the story of Manana, who is the spiritual pillar of her family. On the 52nd birthday, she announced her plan to leave home for a long time without any emotion. Under the care and concern of relatives and friends, Manana always said faintly, "I need my own life", and that's all. No one believes. In this way, the "good mother" in a traditional impression is portrayed. After "a distance from home", the interpersonal structure in the family is more clearly seen. Through the speculation of the purpose of the mother's removal from the mother, the "home" is the most basic. "Interpersonal stress." Man-made individuals need the private domain of their own self, but they are unconcerned and unnecessarily lonely. Sometimes they must embrace the masses. People and people form a group. Once they enter a group, comparison, stress naturally arises, emotional threats, or a small number of thoughts are often suppressed by the majority, and all kinds of situations are not in the words. Therefore, the lack and complementarity of individuals and groups often pulls and lays the foundation for the conflict between the film "The Old Mother and the Family". "Lao Niang's Family" is based on a more subtle coordinate: "family." Home, regardless of any classification in the East and West, is basically included in the quadrant of the "group", but it exists uniquely - because in an organization like the family, "blood" is connected to each other. Parents come from different families and use "emotion" as the basis for implementing the relationship. Sometimes "law" is involved. Therefore, when individualism emerges, it is often subject to the soft abduction of the group, causing a certain degree of restriction on thinking and action. It is even harder to say that it is detached from the separation, and the full testimony of "cutting the continuation and resolving the chaos". Georgia can say that the well-directed duo director Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Gross have set the revolutionary creators in the film as the backbone of the three generations of the family: "Mother." The role of the mother is usually representative of tolerance in the family structure, seems to be able to withstand more, and is also a relatively strong internal manager than men. Assuming that the mother proposes to keep a distance from the group, the degree of surprise within the group and the feeling of reflection are even stronger. In the play, Manana had to wash clothes for her family, but the design of the house was old. There was only one big wardrobe, which was placed in the room of the daughter and the son-in-law. Every time Manana had to pick up the nursery and get up in the morning. , hurriedly sneaked into the room, so as not to open the switch to close the sound of the wardrobe, still asleep daughter. With a simple arrangement, you can place in-depth metaphors in it, and present the contrast between home, individual, collective and private desires clearly and unpretentiously. When the perspective turns to ourselves, if we look at the space of self-existence from the group, do we have the ability to know what we are missing? What is needed? Can I find reference values ​​from past group experiences? As a result, Manana's withdrawal, but turned back to the opportunity to review. Standing outside a certain distance, Manana actually can't get rid of the ingredients involved in the relative spectator's perspective, and watch the hidden substantive problems in the family; such as the marriage of daughters and daughters, the dispute caused by the inability to succeed in seeking children. The care of the elderly parents, the face problem of the sense of appearance; the understanding of the family role with the husband for many years. All kinds, all kinds, because of the revolution, have gained a calm look, while at the same time squatting. The sense of record of the hand-held lens runs through the whole movie, and it does not lyrically echo the central idea of ​​the story. All the games are arranged in tandem with exquisite scene scheduling, so that the characters' emotions are coherent, the moderate viewing distance is even, and even the reservation is retained. The time for the audience to save themselves. Especially the heroine's performance is amazing, it is undoubtedly a low-key and avant-garde movie. The tree in front of the floor-to-ceiling window was blown by the wind, and Manana turned out the dusty guitar for a long time, and exchanged the new string bought by the listing. The rustling sound of the wind, in the black box of the theater, caught us and Ma. Nana is a separate individual. At this time, like Manana’s accidental question: "What about you? You know what you are..." You have the courage to live in isolation, and you can't forget to explore yourself inward. You and me will survive after the confusion and clarification on this road. What do you want? Perhaps for Manana, it was just the leisure of the guitar. All Images Courtesy of Taipei Film Festival. Join Polysh Facebook to read the latest and interesting movies and art articles.

Writing the humanity's teasing with technology: "Path from G planning"

The kick-off, the light source comes from the mobile phone, the direction of light projection, is a semi-naked sleeping male body. Subsequently, the owner of the mobile phone brought a light bag - the bag was insignificant and less, and left. "There is a kind of bird in the world that has no feet. It can only fly and fly all the time. When it is tired, it will sleep in the wind. This kind of bird will only go down once in a lifetime, and that time is the time of death." - "A Fei Zheng Chuan This sentence is like the director Jérôme Reybaud in the "Path from the G plan", the protagonist Pierre's portrayal. Symbolizing freedom, but also breaking the title "At the same time, we need to bear the "loneness" from freedom." Without leaving her boyfriend, Piye began to travel in a directionless road, relying on the positioning function of the friends, the roadside picnic, and the "desire"; the left-behind boyfriend also used the dating software to track away Go to Pie. The development of the story is natural, but it also carries an incredible fantasy. The so-called fantasy is not defined in "non-realistic", but rather "super-realistic." Out of the wandering, Piye attempted to deliberately not set goals. Although he did not say it, he was faintly able to piece together through the plot. He wanted to enjoy the "real freedom" in his heart. This road trip, with the French and Italian borders as the limit, he follows the friends of the friends and friends, facing up to the "sexual needs" of his heart, without any disguise; tired, just borrowing a bed for the night, every other day, Keep moving forward. "Desire" rather than simply "desire." What Pierre wants, the surface seems to be unable to rule out something other than "non-sex." As the journey freely radiates, it seems to be able to smell that he has more pursuits than "sex", vaguely emerging: this "freedom" is calmly placed in love, body and mind; he reflects on the way to the passengers and their respective The propositions of life, although they have the obligations and responsibilities that bind them, give them stability and protection. No one can clearly determine whether it is good or bad. Tricky technology faces the provocation of human nature, and the fascinating "humor". Modern society's dependence on technology sometimes exceeds our own imagination. Through the lens of Jérôme Reybaud, we see our own funny and find hidden behind the soft and hard body. Romantic orientation. Piye's boyfriend, relying on a lower body photo from a friend's software, recognized Piye, his face was a long-lost thought; Pierre and the unfamiliarity between several bed friends, the night's edge, but took up The agreement to send parcels to the gunners; the code of "too familiar can not make love", the owner of the bar mentioned this seemingly paradoxical, contradictory paradox... in the immersion in the modern technology network, the contradiction Familiar voices. While reflecting, I laughed unconsciously. As mentioned above, this film has sneaked a lot of humanity on the scientific side of Leng Bing; in other words, the "randomness" hidden inside, in addition to realistically presenting the "non-linear" of life, often does not follow the causal logic and enriches the sensibility. Romantic elements. Boldly adopting the "long lens" smooth movement, eliminating the sense of presence of the handheld camera, it seems cold but poetic, and even the most extreme limit of a mirror, just right! Adhering to the principle of going to the scene, the overall rhythm is full of charm, and the technical side is remarkable. In particular, the arrangement of several games: the dream of sleeping in the Pied car, violently interpreting like a dream of a true boyfriend; when you are young, you secretly love Pied's tutor, forgetting masturbation, and entering the picture, it is difficult to define what is reality. A female passenger on the Alfa Romeo, after arriving at the destination, one person in the glass house, one person outside the glass house, one mirror, the picture is smooth, the focus and the movement of the characters, the light and dark realistic design, two The moving figure is delicately extended; between the rigid and the soft, the deployment is extremely appropriate. To set off on the journey, you have to undertake the "beauty and torture" on the way. This movie is like a one-sided two-side slowly diverging, and finally becomes a circle; you can find the casualness of "Spring Breeze", projected across the wall Face, two men lying under the hanging picture, hidden but wild erotic desire; can also see the creator's intention to give rational discussion, at the end of the film, do not want to tell Pierre Boyfriend, Pierre, the sudden netizen, the struggle on his face Difficult. Both rationality and sensibility are combined, humanity and technology are well explained, and they are all integrated into a journey of unplanned aircraft transportation. If you can, freely, casually, even once, it is absolutely happy!