Back to school-like sense of belonging: Airbnb Dublin International Headquarters

Nearly three years after the establishment of the Airbnb Dublin office, the recent international headquarters in Dublin has once again worked with Heneghan Peng Architects. The original building was formerly a warehouse of more than 4,000 pings, so the design team used the advantages of the building itself to design a staircase across the different floors in the visual center, perfectly explaining the concept of Airbnb “sharing”. The overall design style of the Dublin International Headquarters is most noticeable. It is like a long ladder that runs back into the campus and runs through the atrium. This ladder not only becomes a walkway on the upper and lower floors, but also enhances the staff. The transparency of the field of vision promotes the discussion and communication of each other, and the ladder also has the possibility of socializing employees. Airbnb's environmental design team incorporates the concept of “neighborhood” into this plan, and employees can freely discuss groups in semi-open, independent spaces; even turning corners, sofas or simple high chairs are placed in good view. The location allows everyone to pick and choose the corner work. The interior style is made of a large amount of wood, black C-shaped steel and floor-to-ceiling glass as the main material; the furniture selection is dominated by a colorful single chair, creating a relaxed atmosphere of "home" - echoing the spirit of Airbnb. Different from the general office planning, the beige lampshade on the wall adds warmth and calmness. In the open windows of individual semi-open spaces, it is like stepping into a well-designed and comfortable coffee shop. The roof shape of some indoor spaces, or the apex, or the bare lines like industrial style, use the contours of the building itself to find a variety of ways of use; shuttle, involuntarily let people feel the Airbnb living style in the sharing economy, non-stop Inspire the possibilities of creativity. To reflect Airbnb's multicultural background around the world, each meeting space is designed from existing Airbnb elements around the world – part of Airbnb's global office design strategy. At the headquarters in Dublin, the heneghan peng architectural design team also worked with the staff to conceive the office decoration. The home accessories were selected from the countries on Airbnb's current map, for example, from the table in Romania, or It is an ornament from a house in France. ...

Japan's first architectural model museum: architectural warehouse ARCHI-DEPOT, complete collection of master works

If you can enjoy many masterpieces at once, this should be a very exciting thing! In the summer of 2016, the architectural warehouse ARCHI-DEPOT, the architectural model museum, was the first museum in Japan to showcase architectural models. Its simple and degraded LOGO comes from famous Japanese graphic designers. The original research work. In a space of 450 square meters and a height of 5.2 meters, it displays the works of Japanese contemporary architects, designer studios or firms; many of them are famous and famous architectural models, such as Tokyo Sky Tower, Asakusa Sightseeing Cultural Center, etc. Modern Japanese architecture is viewed on the world stage in terms of design and technology; the building warehouse tries to provide a space for the people to collect, whether it is completed, ongoing, or purely conceptual. The building model allows visitors to look at it while also maintaining and collecting the starting point for the construction of these living buildings. In the museum of the warehouse, there are 100 display stands, which are neatly arranged to house architectural models from all over Japan. They are all works of Japanese architects and design firms active at home and abroad; pure white iron frames and spaces. Responding to the preservation and positioning of the museum's name "warehouse", the model works are more focused, showing the transformation of Japan's architectural culture from the past to the present. Visitors can shuttle between the storage shelves and watch. Although the model is still different from the physical building, it is a special feeling from the miniature model landscape, which forms another perception and perspective of the building. All models displayed in the building warehouse are regularly exchanged and displayed (sometimes with specific themes), allowing visitors to the museum to see different or new entry models each time. Adhering to the mission of properly preserving and arranging Japanese architectural models, and in order to allow Japanese architectural and cultural materials to be fully recorded from this time, special temperature and humidity conditions are set in the museum, and LED lighting is used for all lighting, so that the model works are not Generally, the rays of the light are discolored, or damaged by heat. The museum has a large scale model of Aix en Provence Conservatory of Music, as well as works by well-known large architectural firms such as Torafu Architects, Klein Dytham Architecture, Nikken Sekkei; of course, the rise of contemporary rookies such as O +H (Review O+H introduction article) can also be found. Many architects collect their own models of architectural works, but as the number of works increases, there is less and less space to collect. Therefore, the building warehouse preserves the complete collection of these models, and there is a way to appreciate them – regardless of the building. Creator or fan. The building warehouse allows everyone to see the tiny world of life from the model, so that the architectural culture can be viewed and studied from different angles; in a new experience, the people can re-recognize the buildings that shelter us from the rain. After enjoying these loyal and detailed models, you can actually visit the buildings in Tokyo. I believe there will be another new perspective to experience the fun of shuttles and watching in Japanese architecture. Building Warehouse ARCHI DEPOT MUSEUM Warehouse TERRADA Main Storage Center 1F, 2-6-10, Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-002 Japan...

Leather goods shop next to the river embankment trail: Taizhong’s minimalist re:cycle

Walking along the beautiful Yemeni Riverside embankment in the Xiqiao District of Taichung, I turned into a quiet alley, and the name of the re:cycle was slowly printed. The large floor-to-ceiling glass window faces the small basketball court of the country, and the sun shines on the Nakajima table in the store. The day of the interview is a quiet Sunday afternoon, and the green plants near the glass window greet me. Entering the store and saying hello to the owner: "Hey! I haven't seen you for a long time!" The high ceilings make you feel empty and comfortable. There are many leather-making tools on the right wall. A white bicycle with leather accessories and a black leather sofa show re:cycle simple yet personalized. style of. On the white wall on the left, there are many classic bags that have been designed over the years. On the low-profile showcase made of iron and wood, there are many small leather accessories and related maintenance tools; the display at a glance In this way, visitors can find useful small things in this. The shop offers simple hand-washed coffee to visiting guests, enjoying coffee, chatting with the owner about the ideal leather goods, or simply sharing the life, which is very welcome here. Reemi, the designer of re:cycle, talked about the opportunity to put in leather design – she began to have an interest in leather creation since 2008, when she became fascinated with the cycling trend and began to buy bicycle accessories. Because Remi has been working in the design of the home decoration industry, she is also extremely provocative in selecting bicycle accessories. However, she has been struggling to find the ideal objects of Taiwanese brands, and then began to explore the research and create the ideal leather related to her heart. Accessories. From small leather accessories to groping and making, until now, the large back packs, Remi has become more and more demanding on the details of the design of the product, but even if it is still hand-made, the idea of ​​own brand is becoming clearer. . Brand re:cycle In addition to hiding the "cycling" - cycle name, it is hoped that these leather goods can convey a classic taste, even after a long time is still loved, reducing the load on the earth. Therefore, Remi has spent a lot of thoughts on thinking about the lines of goods. "A commodity that can become a fixed price must be returned to the simplest design folding method." As much as possible, the leather of the product can be molded as one piece, and the weight can be reduced. Classic items such as the re:cycle short clip series hide all the stitches and design the wallet space that the user needs most, and also fit in the men's back pocket; simple black tote bag, fog The soft texture of the black calf leather is very comfortable to hold on the hand, so that the user does not feel heavy due to the strap. In addition, the coin purse or passport holder has a unique and careful thought. These designs are also the reason that re:cycle can be different from other brands. There is not too strong style here, and the neutral tonality is swept away in the personalized brand market; the brand stamp on the leather goods is only a low-key "R" to represent, without too much self-brand emphasis. Let the goods show different personal feelings with different users, which is one of the reasons why re:cycle is popular. "We are currently developing home furnishings, and in the future we are slowly planning a series of joint exhibitions to showcase different leather designs in a fun way," Remi said. Even though the tentacles extend outward, the design concept of re:cycle remains consistently low-key, simple and can stand the test of time; expecting to see more classic and beautiful designs in the future, creating objects that are re:cycle flavors. Re:cycle Opening Hours, No. 12, Lane 65, Zhishan Road, Xitun District, Taichung City: 1:00 pm-06:00...

輕盈摺紙的構築概念:House In Osaka by KENJI IDO

Lightweight origami construction concept: House In Osaka by KENJI IDO

The residential space designed by the architect KENJI IDO for a family of four people is located in Yujin District, Osaka, Japan. The architects use all the space to the maximum on the floor area of ​​only 28.57 ping. Other nearby homes, offices, and small factories are in close proximity to each other, and under these conditions, they are the best substrate performances for this square building, and the fallen white body lines stand out. Originally a two-storey traditional wooden building, it stands in the narrow gap between adjacent buildings. Lighting is the most important topic in this space. The architects built the living room where the family lived together into a beam of light and without obscuring the beams and columns, forming a completely open space. The three-story space contains the functions of the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom. The light can naturally The dip of a room, the perfect solution to the lighting problem. Staircase 14 degree sloping wall with the concept of origami art To solve the problem of daylighting, the architect rotated the third floor of the floor by 14 degrees, allowing the living space on the second floor to get more natural light. In addition, the wall above the stairs is sloping to create a traditional Japanese origami image, injecting traditional Japanese elements into modern architecture. Although there are traditional origami images in the form of sloping walls, the idea is to convey the idea of ​​detachment from the system and create a new concept of construction. Natural light spills from the patio and has a floating staircase with illusion effect. The owner's insistence also becomes a bright spot in the space. First, the system cabinets are not used, so the kitchen cabinets and some of the toilet facilities are made of concrete. The overlapping of light-colored walls and wooden floors plays a visual focus. In addition, the light can penetrate the stairs to make the natural light cut through the entire space below the floor. The architect Wells uses fireproof materials to create a ladder that meets both fire-fighting standards and visual effects. The transparent staircase creates space. The illusion on the top creates a light and floating effect. Clear water concrete kitchen countertops The overall space on the second floor is transparent and simple. The bathroom space is on the third floor. It has a roof terrace that overlooks the Kansai Osaka skyline. It has the closest chance to the sky in busy urban life. Friends are drinking beer here to talk about home, and watching the lights in the city go out in the middle of the night is a healing method. The roof terrace on the third floor is adjacent to the warmth of the indoor lights in the evening. For more IDOKENJI works, please visit the IDOKENJI website. All Images via IDOKENJI


Tadao Ando's minimalist aesthetic: SETOUCHI AONAGI RESORT

Located in Matsuyama City on the Shikoku Island in Japan, SETOUCHI AONAGI RESORT, designed by architect Ando Tadao, is elegantly quietly opened on a hill. In recent years, the "Setouchi International Art Season" has attracted attention from all over the world. Among them, the "Ground Art Museum", "Benessehouse Museum" and "Ando Museum" on Naoshima are all wonderful works by Tadao Ando; SETOUCHI AONAGI RESORT is his most recent representative work. A small and luxurious scent is injected into Setouchi, which is very close to the natural environment. The height of the ceiling of 8 meters is matched with the large floor-to-ceiling windows. It was originally a private guest house and later turned into a small gallery, but now it is SETOUCHI AONAGI RESORT. Tadao Ando will plan only seven rooms, the outdoor swimming pool and the floor-to-ceiling glass surface of the large room facing the Seto Inland Sea, which can be seen from the distant mountains. Introducing natural light into the interior, large concrete with bright, clean spaces and simple, low-key lines are the minimalist aesthetics of Tadao Ando. Only by natural light, air and plants, each space field shows a low-key but profound beauty, and the inexplicable touch is also born. Each suite has an excellent outdoor view, geometric stair lines, and a beautiful picture. The Zen-style Japanese style is high. It has a ceiling of 8 meters and low wooden furniture. It is equipped with a gray-white overall space and looks out from the inside. You can see the outdoor swimming pool space built by the two sides of the clear water mold wall; Ando Tadao has given the privacy of this high-intentioned intention, so that the outdoor narrow swimming pool extends all the way to the end of the sky, and the line of sight is also infinitely broad and relaxed. The outdoor Japanese-style dry view on the first floor brings out a rich and flavorful way, making people feel that SETOUCHI AONAGI RESORT not only presents a single sense of space, but a subtle balance between "foreign" and "harmony". The long and narrow outdoor swimming pool extends to the end of the sky. Both sides of the sky are clear. The high walls are very private. The outdoor light is introduced into the indoor swimming pool to SETOUCHI AONAGI RESORT. Feel the gentle whisper of the wind and the whispers of the woods. This is Tadao Ando’s nature. Admiration and admiration. His work will always have surprisingly subtleties, perhaps in the next corner or any unexpected point of space - a subtle observation of the natural environment, no sinister design. With the clear water mold and the geometric lines of the atmosphere, the aesthetic relationship between the building and the natural environment is portrayed. The light, air and water of the existing environment are used to design a space that is quiet and gentle. This is his insistence on architectural design. Sit and watch the sunrise and sunset every minute. SETOUCHI AONAGI Ehime 794 794 794 794 794 794 794 794 794 794 794 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想All Images via

創作與生活觀察學:插畫家陳完玲 Aling Chen 專訪

Creation and Life Observation: An Interview with Illustrator Chen Wanling Aling Chen

There are many sensations and rationalities in life. Photography can immediately record the pictures of the moment, whether you are shooting yourself or everyday, you can see the signs that belong to that person. The illustration is even more so, except that the picture is beyond the reality of photography, adding the artist's moving imagination, and revealing the more personal brain world with the artist's mind and perspective. Every time I open the book, many people think that it is only for children, the characters in the illustration are probably cute style. But in fact, there is also a special picture book of great taste. The illustrator Chen Jingling Aling Chen leads us into her creative world, telling us like a story, how each scene and character is running in her mind. Photography/ RNicky Because she likes to draw pictures, Aling, who was originally engaged in design work, hopes to have a work of creative autonomy. She decided to go on the road of illustration six or seven years ago and began to accumulate works. In the design case, she tried to express herself with her own illustrations, so that everyone could see the living characters and stories in their heads. Photography/ RNicky The first Chinese and English picture book Pug "A Little Pug", "The layout of the picture book, the details of the color ratio, is very different from the single picture." Aling explained seriously, the picture book let She learns how to use the concept of a split, like a film. Because she likes photography and likes to watch movies, both of them are the way she releases stress, and it also creates her high sensitivity to the composition of the picture. The difference in the viewing angle of the screen can give the reader a different rich experience. "Selecting a compositional picture with tension is the basic expression of the picture book." Aling shared that there are few texts in the picture book but the proportion of the illustration is heavy, and even after the text is drawn, even if there is no adult. With reading, you must also let the children understand the story through the screen. Therefore, it is necessary to change the angle of view to attract small readers in the composition, but each picture still maintains continuity. Image of the Chinese and English picture book "A Little Pug" Image Courtesy of Aling Chen "Because of the illustrations and the likes to observe life, many details will be seen more carefully, and inspiration will also be produced in observation. Some people on the road will start to imagine. Their stories, even the way they talk, have become pictures.” Aling continued to talk about the interesting influence that illustration creation brought to her in life. Life became more interesting because of her delicate observations, not just the same angle. Treat people things. Picture Courtesy of Aling Chen Short Story Illustrator "Gifts from the Dwarfs" Image Courtesy of Aling Chen Short Story Illustrator "Gifts from the Dwarfs" Image Courtesy of Aling Chen "In addition, the picture of your own imagination is via Illustrator performance, the story of people can freely set all the appearance of the appearance, just as if they are the director in the casting of the corner, or hide the small things in their lives in the illustration, for example, quietly hiding their name in the picture, Adding favorite rabbits, etc., these are very attractive to me." Because she loves illustrations, she finds herself in this job. BOOKMAN Taipei International Book Fair Theme Illustrator Image Courtesy of Aling Chen BOOKMAN...


A touch of green in the city: THE GROUNDS OF ALEXANDRIA

In the crowded and bustling city of Sydney, tourists are always in the midst of the holiday season, and many coffee shops and restaurants are always crowded. But some well-known good coffee shops are long queues or not open during the holidays; when they walk out of the city to stay away from the crowds, come to The Grounds of Alexandria, enjoy the leisurely pastoral scenery and fresh handmade meals, it becomes Sydney One of the great choices for people. About 15 minutes drive from downtown Sydney, The Grounds of Alexandria is a large compound restaurant; back in the 1920s, this area is an industrial management area, the ground floor of The Grounds of Alexandria, and a centuries-old factory. . Image Source: The Grounds of Alexandria is led by entrepreneur Ramsey Choker and Australian-famous barista Jack Hanna (who was the world coffee champion), bringing together friends from all walks of life in design, cooking, desserts, gardening, etc., behind the scenes of The Grounds of Alexandria The team built the old factory into a unique urban oasis. Although it is called a compound restaurant, in addition to THE CAFE serving meals, the corners of plants and potted THE POTTING SHED are more like greenhouse cabins, each with its own independent but semi-open space, with garden breeze and green business. Meaning seamless. Every weekend, The Grounds of Alexandria hosts a farmer's market in the garden, in addition to hand-made small fruits and vegetables from the garden, The Grounds of Alexandria's own baked desserts and breads, as well as jewelry stalls and BBQ, chocolate, each Nuts and spices also make the market full of aromas; stroll around here and spend a long time in the blink of an eye. Local residents for...

光線與微風流動的狹長空間:日本 YUUA 建築事務所的巧妙設計

The narrow space where light and breeze flow: the ingenious design of YUUA Architects in Japan

Japanese architecture is always able to achieve an aesthetic balance in the limits of reality. YUUA Architects completed the ultra-narrow house in Toshima, Tokyo, Japan in 2012, with a width of only about 6 feet and a width of about 180 cm. In the crowded Japanese island countries, it is often seen that such a long and narrow architectural design, because of the narrow relationship between the islands, Taiwan, Japan in the Japanese era, Japan also left many long and long buildings. Among the traditional Japanese houses, the house designed by YUUA re-drawn the interesting skyline. The whole building has four floors of living space. The large floor-to-ceiling windows add a visual image of light and breeze flow. The long-house design of the era, although solving the problem of the use of small space, is very lacking in the lighting of the house, so there is a dark and humid downturn atmosphere all the year round. YUUA Architects, through the design of a large number of windows, introduces light into the indoor narrow room, making the overall space more spacious, and each floor has a complete outdoor picture, so that people living here can enjoy full light, also Can enjoy the street view. The lights in the night room add a lot of warmth to the street. The cold gray neutral ash is used, while the interior space uses a lot of warm wood tones. The dark stairs and neutral walls make all the space cleverly mix together. The arrangement of the stairs makes the overall look more layered and extended, making people feel less oppressed. The most interesting space in the whole building is not the kitchen. The open kitchen is connected by a piece of floor. It creates a lot of non-monotonous layers and freedom for the interior. The clean and clean lines are the finishing touch. Dark slabs and woody notes add a sense of stability. The kitchen's sliced ​​floor joins the entire space. The dark walls add space to the height of the chandelier. The design is an interesting space. Interpretation of the corners of the stairs, ingeniously inserting storage space, reducing the crowding It also adds a visual level. The bathroom that gives a damp and dark impression is chosen to be the best place for lighting in the building, especially for low-level mezzanine and other sanitary equipment. Even if the building is covered with glass, it will remain hidden; when the sun shines from the next-door patio, While the body is bathing, the mind is also bathed in gentle light. On the front side of the floor-to-ceiling windows, YUUA is also interspersed with a small independent pattern in each floor, with a seat or pillow, which is a comfortable and bright reading position, or a comfortable corner when one person is alone. Fallen floor slabs and extensions serve as display spaces to place the bathroom space in the best lighting position. At the highest point, keep a quiet and quiet position in a row of traditional houses, hiding such a low-key minimalist building, letting pass The people’s sights stayed because of the beauty of the conflict. Although narrow and long, it doesn't make people feel crowded. Instead, YUUA Architects creates more usable planes and introduces natural light, turning it into a space that people want to explore; using the space of high-profile and floor-to-ceiling glass Features to create a layered vision. Strolling through this area of ​​Tokyo, this is a surprisingly unexpected beauty. 1.8 M Width House YUUA Architects appreciate more works from YUUA, please visit the YUUA website. All Images via YUUA

生活中的清新慵懶:STUDIO OINK 打造威斯巴登白色小公寓

Fresh and lazy in life: STUDIO OINK to create a small white apartment in Wiesbaden

From the German design studio STUDIO OINK, which was founded in 2013 and consists of two designers, Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hiller. Mainly to provide ideas for customers, create a unique interior style, and also engage in scene design and styling for film, photography production team or magazine media. With a romantic poetic and functional design philosophy, the work is fresh yet without losing the temperature of life, making STUDIO OINK gradually famous. Image Source: STUDIO OINK The most recent interior design work is a small apartment in Wiesbaden, Germany. The building itself is a relic from the Second World War. In the public spaces such as the stairs and walkways of the apartment, the retro ornate floor tiles and the elegantly decorated handrails extend the historical space with elegant traces. STUDIO OINK reinterprets this old apartment in a bright and comfortable Scandinavian style, with a large number of white walls and pine furniture, creating a clean and clean living style, with all the high colours handed over to plants and interspersed artwork. . Image Source: STUDIO OINK Image Source: STUDIO OINK Image Source: STUDIO OINK Image Source: STUDIO OINK With a white background, STUDIO OINK has a comfortable reading position, and the light and shadow changes projected on the wall. It is the most abundant daily scenery. Simple lines, low Nordic furniture, old taste old wooden boxes and a variety of warm and sleek clay cups, even the bowl cabinets deliberately retain the traces of mottled use, the space also puts a little pink-colored pieces of furniture, So in bright sunlight, the whole apartment exudes a fresh and lazy charm; the narrow space is decorated with these warm objects, even in the cold Germany. Image Source: STUDIO OINK Image Source: STUDIO OINK Image Source: STUDIO OINK In addition to the beginning of the simple frame of photography and painting, STUDIO OINK also uses many small racks, which are placed in the corners or walls to let the occupants It can adjust the placement of items with the mood, and it brings a sense of life and a unique space personality. Image Source: STUDIO...