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鏡頭下的文明遺留記錄 攝影師 Anthony Gerace的美國夢嘆息

Anthony Gerace's American Dream Sighs


Recently, I am reading a short story called "December 10", which describes a small story based on the general American life. I really like the pattern of words that are specifically bolded, both like a kind of vigilance, and like an author constantly reminding myself of the key points. When I watched a lot of works, I kept asking questions in my heart. What did I see? Which level of logic has it extended to? What is the author's intention to express? While thinking about these issues, I also want to see the environment or landscape that inspired them to create inspiration. Most of the work of photographer Anthony Gerace is based on architecture or portraits, but inspired by artist Robert Smithson's work in Utah, Spiral Jetty, he set off for Box Elder County in Utah to find what he thought. The place of inspiration. When Anthony Gerace actually arrived, it was very different from his imagination. As the population continues to be lost, the conditions of the natural environment are also very harsh, and the landscape of people going to the sky can be seen everywhere. The abandoned modern buildings seem to freeze in time. In addition to the remaining debris, there is still a trace of civilization development. In the unusually dry and hot environment in recent years, it has become a ghost town with a signboard and a few residents. Anthony Gerace uses images to depict the real city scenes, so that the objects in the photos become the protagonists to tell the viewers themselves. The ever-changing flora in this area of ​​hundreds of miles has almost become a witness to the evolution of the times. In this scene of contradictions and violations, are these faint senses of uneasiness, is it the place where the artist Robert Smithson, who attracted Anthony Gerace, is drawn to the idea? Just as the same paragraph, an article, and a book have different interpretations under each person's self-deduction, and there is silence and jealousy in time and space, not only the flow of the eyes, but also the more colorful and more A return to the rudiment of the original American dream, the gap between the gap and the actual truth is in stark contrast to the image of American society in the present impression. After reading the image of Anthony Gerace and re-examining the artist Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty, it has strengthened the ruthless indifference of the region - the shape of the spiral revolving, which looks like an unattainable expression of the mind, once it is deepened Meaning, as if to declare a certain spiritual death and disappear, like the urban scene of Box Elder slowly flowing, civilized and progressive man-made products and buildings, but nailed in the same place as a memorial, not leaving There is nowhere to go. The resentment that is like being abandoned, so in a dull, uniform color appearance, drifting in every step of the exploration, subverting Anthony Gerace, a photographer from London, originally had a good nightmare for the American nightmare. After punctuating the bubble, it was discovered that the emptiness was empty and ethereal, but the true record of Anthony Gerace also conveyed a beautiful but sad beauty. It seems as if he could hear his long sigh in his ear and float in the scene where the man went to the empty space. Via : dezeen


From the New York sidewalk, super real play house wine street installation art


A few years ago, my friend invited me to take a stroll from the city. At that time, my friend recommended a small village on the hill. The houses and walls of the village were painted with hand-painted graffiti. It is said that a retired policeman temporarily made a painting, but he did not expect to be loved by everyone and accidentally became a happy village in the forest! In New York, there is also a similar artistic sway, photographer Justin Bettman and stylist Gozde Eker built the installation art with discarded furniture, and the location of the installation is on the sidewalks where people come and go! It seems to be a state of the theater concept, directly on the street to play the familiar lazy plot and family appearance. In this scene to create a real atmosphere photography, but also encourage people to experience their imagination, and enjoy the ultra-real home wine on the sidewalk. And these photos are also shared through Instagram, the query mark #setinthestreet can be seen, and many people are very involved in the scene! In addition to being a pleasure on the sidewalk, I did not expect such a single perspective home to become a shortcut for people to move towards happiness. Jose Luis wrote a message telling Justin Bettman that he wanted to marry his girlfriend, so he recorded a complete marriage proposal through street art. It may not be romantic enough to be married on the street, but it was impressive enough to be proposed in an open-air junior suite. Let's go! In recent years, there are many like painted villages or street installations, which always make people feel a little! It seems that we are quietly telling us that the city needs a little more beautiful details, and whether it is simple brushstrokes or exquisite discarded furniture, it makes people feel simple but powerful temperature. Then we will look at Justin Bettman and Gozde Eker, how to make the abandoned home have a re-enactment of the new life, how to create a decorating room! Via:ignant

Urban Escape: Coco Espresso 701 都市叢林的一處靜謐

Urban Escape: Coco Espresso 701 A quiet place in the urban jungle


Text / Polysh Special Writer Sophia Ch. If you have been to Hong Kong, after seeing the busy pace of the city, it is not difficult to imagine the residents here are in a hurry of people, a desire to rest in a quiet corner. . Or, like me, try to find the right track of life in this fast-moving city. I don’t want to be lost in the bustling Central. I just want to stay in the same place and watch the sky, or here. Beyond the cement forest, find a quiet place and wash your mind. That day, I was exploring with my friends in this city. I decided to find the Coco Espresso 701 I always wanted to go. To be honest, the address of Coco Espresso 701 is not easy to find, around a big circle, finally found the right industrial building, straight up the seventh floor. When the elevator arrived at the seventh floor to open the door, it was surrounded by the aroma of coffee, no need to look up for instructions, and the smell would lead us to the store according to the smell of coffee. Coco Espresso 701 is the fourth store of Coco Espresso. Back in 2011, Coco Espresso at that time had only one start shop in Sheung Wan, and I met the owner Johnson at that time. After a few years, I returned to Hong Kong again. Coco Espresso has already bred a small kingdom of his own. He has his own attitude and persistence in coffee. He has opened several branches in Wan Chai and Central, and each has several different feelings. Each has its own unique atmosphere. There is a large wooden platform in the middle of the 701. It is a little bigger than the Canteen-style dining hall wooden table. The two rows of small chairs are arranged in an orderly manner. The seats at the window are designed as small steps, and the sun shines into the spacious space. The floor is painted with plaid shadows, and a few potted plants are dotted among them. The iPad plays music on the phonograph. Johnson said that the friends who came back from the UK designed the Coco Espresso 701 to create a laid-back atmosphere without the rush of Hong Kong. Compared to four years ago, Coco Espresso's menus have been very different, in addition to simple light food such as bagel, as well as English breakfast and other full-fledged meals. I just recovered from gastroenteritis that day and chose hot chocolate instead of coffee. The cost-effective price is not "flowing stalls", rich chocolate aroma, not too much water, no excess milk, moderate sweetness, smooth milk foam inlet smooth, just the right taste! In this secret garden far from the city, it is different from other ordinary cafes. In addition to coffee tasting, it pays more attention to the life culture and attitude. The small events or small market that is not regularly held on weekdays is a small surprise for Coco Espresso 701. If you don't mind going to a distant industrial building, you can definitely find a fresh air without pollution here! Coco Espresso 701 Address: Shop 701, Hongda Industrial Center, 21-33 Dalian Pai Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong Tel: 2499 7255...

指標性景點的白日黑夜:紐約攝影師 Richard Silver 的觀景新視野

Days and nights of the landmarks: New horizons of New York photographer Richard Silver


Whenever I arrive at a scenic spot, but because of the itinerary and time, I only capture the current side of the building. Sometimes I always want such a beautiful place, maybe it will be more beautiful at night! So with a little regret, go to the next city. Richard Silver, a photographer from New York, cut through the "time-sliced" time to cut the days and nights of the scenic spots and buildings! Time-sliced ​​Colosseum, Rome Time-sliced ​​Gateway to India, Mumbai Each photo contains about 36 photos, starting from the afternoon before the sunset falls, taking an average of about 30 minutes, in order to capture the daytime transition to the night. (From left to right) The most fascinating magical time, browsing the different styles of buildings or attractions in a single photo. As the conversion of daylight and night sky alternates, each piece of work no longer captures only the momentary condensation of time. This gradual sky tone of the grid records the flow and change of each scene; the gradual lapse of time, from the image Give us a whole new experience. With the pace of travellers and camera lenses, Richard Silver's creative ingenuity fills the little regrets of our travels. Time-sliced ​​Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Time-sliced ​​Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Time-sliced ​​Duomo, Milan Time-sliced ​​Parliament, London Time-sliced ​​Revolution Square, Havana Time-sliced ​​Shanghai Time-sliced ​​Big Buddha, Phuket Time-sliced ​​Sulamani Temple , Bagan Time-sliced ​​Tongariki,...

老上海的懷舊風情 建築事務所 Neri&Hu 新作 Punch bar

Old Shanghai's nostalgic architectural firm Neri&Hu new work Punch bar


The melodious music drifted out with the sea breeze, and slowly swayed from time to time mixed with the slight alcohol and residual perfume, and occasionally swayed the strange and familiar blond face, this colorful neon scene, once geometric It has become an inverted imagination of people who have been cherishing the past, and now they can only refine themselves from the pictures of old movies or nostalgic songs. There are many ancient buildings in the Shanghai area, but the Punch Bar by Neri&Hu does not take the modern reinforced concrete or neoclassical design, and the L-shaped space that enters the eye from the entrance leads everyone into a separate 21st century. world. A large number of copies of used wood, blackened bronze tubing, and green bottle-shaped glass shades, Neri&Hu's deliberate selection of materials, echoes the location of the Punch Bar – the blurring of the public and private spheres, as if it were spread over it The ubiquitous narrow lanes of the city depict the extension of its unique old texture. Inside the compartment resembling a private box, the gray-black brick wall is interlaced with geometric patterns of wallpaper and bamboo, arranged in an orderly but changeable background; the toilet at the end of the corridor deliberately imitates the necessary concrete wash basin in the house, reclaimed wood The pattern of the glyph extends from the floor, bringing the visual effect of the same in the same place; the lines of the bronze pipeline and the walnut intertwined each other, constructing the square pattern of the bar space, and the green shade hanging from the ceiling, the wave in the curtain Swinging and flickering under the undulations, adding a sense of irregularity and layering to the straight and horizontal arrangement. The name of the Punch Bar is also a kind of special cocktail that was introduced from the sailors and crew of the British East India Trading Company in Shanghai, which is said to be in the Haitang era. Five simple ingredients: alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, and spices, which later evolved into a must-have for advanced social occasions. What are the implications of round mirrors and square mirrors everywhere? Architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu said: "The existence and internal structure of this bar contrasts the darkness and tranquility of the narrow lanes. It is nothing more than a memorable reminiscence of the past, a complicated but fascinating memory. Mirrors placed in open spaces, like small arrangements that can create surprises all the time, may not reflect unexpected images." via : dezeen

Color New York with Mystery     神秘意識形態畫家 Michael Zwack

Color New York with Mystery Mysterious Ideology Painter Michael Zwack


Stepping through the water, the water splashes, and at this moment of fleeting moments, through the reflection from the side, there will be a moment to see what the world is experiencing. Through the accumulation of uninterrupted fragments of life, bit by bit life attitude, the quenching of the character base is gradually established in this quick and tidy time. The metropolis in front of us, New York, is also showing its progress and prosperity to the world in a magnificent manner. But under such advanced appearance, there is still a long-term construction process waiting to be excavated. Through many different visions, we can lead us to appreciate the beauty and devastation that we have had before - perhaps this work by Michael Zwack from Buffalo You can tell the truth. Born in 1949, he was curious about everything in the universe when he was young, and he showed his curiosity in exploring the world without hesitation. By constantly rubbing, wiping, and smearing, the texture and traces of the work represent the contradictions and struggles in his heart. Through oily paints and metallic lusters, these ancient cultural expressions, which are purely personal, are as smooth and natural as they are. The kites drifting on the sea, the Indian baskets woven by bamboo and rattan, and the trunks standing at the crossroads are like a resurrection ceremony in his heart, with a strong religious color. Perhaps we cannot fully understand the meaning of his paintings. Just as there are still many vast and infinite things in the universe waiting for human beings to explore one by one, these fears of the unknown are the foundation of the establishment of religious beliefs - even though contemporary civilizations may have gradually moved away from them. But Michael Zwack hopes to express his infinite understanding and what he sees through his limited sense through his infinite perception of the vast world. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call him a spiritual artist. This New York apartment houses the hobby of Michael Zwack and the treasures from all over the world. In the 1970s, it moved from New York City to New York City. After the bustling and fading of New York, it has deeper resonance with the city and deep resonance. In the fast pace of the city, he watched himself and New York City move forward together, while continuing to explore the unknown and infinity of the world, although not as romantic as hopeless, but this is his life alone. There is only one luxury enjoyment. The strong embarrassing story between him and New York is still a progressive. Via : freundevonfreunden

薈萃東方西方文化大成的邊境大都市 建築師 Yener Torun 鏡頭下大膽多變的伊斯坦堡

Yaner Torun, the border metropolis architect of the Eastern Western culture, is a bold and changeable Istanbul


Opening instagram is the most enjoyable private time I have enjoyed after a long day of exhaustion. If you are like me, I like to be a daydream of a paper travel, looking at each beautiful photo, the old fantasies how they feel at the moment, or where they are. Take this photo, or is it now reminiscing about the roads that have just passed, these little things that are not too big, cumbersome but subtle, if you can immerse yourself in such a enchantment, but you can also add touch So, no matter which city, which town, or which restaurant, you can become a beautiful sight that is captured under your lens. Today, I’m going to look at Yener Torun, an architect who has lived in the Turkish capital, Istanbul for 14 years. However, instead of being an architect, he is self-sufficient and has to communicate with architecture. A street photographer with a sense of mission. A place that always presents a gray sky, the West Asia border belonging to the 尴尬 region or the big city that is said to be the edge of Eastern Europe. In addition to being crowned the crown of European cultural capital in 2014, it is also listed as a world culture by the UN Culture and Education Organization. The capital of heritage. The names of Byzantium, Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire, etc., which were read in history textbooks as a child, can be said to be a list of its old names. The political and economic development in recent years has promoted the impetuousness of the city. Changes, the contours of many regions have become more advanced and sharp, but the aftereffects are indispensable. The gap between urban and rural development is wide, and the inequality between the rich and the poor is expanding. For example, they are located in the east, central and western regions. Small towns such as Sultanbeyli, Gaziosmanpaşa, and Gecekondu are still in the undeveloped zone, and there is still a huge gap between the capital and Istanbul. During the interview, Yener Torun mentioned more than once that as an architect, he only wanted to break the stereotype of the foreigners for Istanbul. It was nothing more than a mosque, a huge and magnificent Islamic building, and exudes ancient The skyline of the mysterious atmosphere, if viewed from a microscopic point of view, can not only consider one level as the construction field, he hopes to bring more imaginations to the outside world; and perhaps for white-skinned and yellow-haired passengers, It is almost entirely in line with the gathering place of the oriental culture in their minds, but in addition to slightly swaying and exaggerating the flamboyant decorative image, Torun hopes to thoroughly visit every corner of Istanbul through personal self-interest observation. The spirit of adventure, open the layers of multiple veil that may not even be known to the locals. Now through the secret spots that he published in his personal instagram account, the world not only laments the high-end recognition ability of his eyes for color blocks, arrays and patterns, but we can even catch up with the exclusive city. The speed of digging, as well as the changes in the style of the Eastern minimalism that are unique to Istanbul and can hardly be read in travel books. Yener Torun, who also told the visitors with excitement, said that each photo was published on the Internet, thinking about how to set up the appropriate hashtag or title in advance, and let the viewer know more deeply. The three-dimensional orientation of the ancient eastern city is so amazing that it is unbelievable, and these seemingly trivial little things make him constantly improve his enthusiasm for self-work. This also allowed him to live in this place for more than ten years, and still hold the nostalgic feeling of remembering the cornerstone of the past history, in order to achieve the changing local cultural landscape, but also sincerely Thanks to those who are constantly urging the city to move forward; work and labor, hard work and hardship, these seemingly cumbersome but recurring everyday situations, as he occasionally photographs at different times of the same day The change of light and shadow in a place, the feeling of being the same, but often surprised by how unpredictable the current perception is. Perhaps the role of each of us can be like him, and unlike him, you can choose to face the day after day, the heart early and early to find that there has been no change, or you can get up and bravely Strive your heartbeat, step by step, carefully open your eyes to get to know the world, filter the oasis gardens that we thought were gone in the real world, pick up the subtle branches that were deliberately neglected, maybe like Yener Torun. After depositing these dusty soils, when I look back, I gradually understand the direction that has gone to other people's deep ends, and those who are exclusive to their own stories and their own feelings, no one can take it away. Via : dezeen, washingtonpost

Warm and overflowing wanderer... Homelessfonts.org cares for society with the power of design


Text / Polysh Special Writer Daria L. In Barcelona, ​​Spain, the number of swimmers is 3,000, causing people to live on the streets for many reasons, not just because they are idle or self-willing to give up, but also Many people are affected by domestic violence, middle-aged and old-age unemployment, or those who are unable to work because of occupational injuries. The way to improve this social phenomenon cannot be solved by a single policy. They need appropriate assistance, counseling and placement. Can effectively help them become self-reliant. The Arrels Foundation is a foundation dedicated to improving the lives of street friends, and they partnered with advertising agency The Cyranos McCann to launch a website called Homelessfonts.org. Inspired by the unique handwriting of each individual, on the street, we often see wanderers on a cardboard, scribbling their stories or needs, so The Cyranos McCann set up a workshop to invite street friends to participate. Write down the letters and guide them to practice writing so that each font has a clear difference. Then they scan all the letters to create a font in the name of the street friend, and the designer or brand can Download and purchase on the Internet, the income will be able to help his/her life. We should all look at the people from different angles. The people are not social problems. They are part of this society. On the Homelessfonts.org website, you can read the story behind every street friend. Ten street friends are currently involved in the project, such as the font called "Loraiane", which was adopted by the local famous winery Valonga. It’s an incredible miracle. I never thought that my handwriting would be better for the designer. Maybe this is one of the intentions of the whole plan, not just about money and income, but about helping them rebuild themselves. The social value of regaining the meaning of self-confidence and self-life. Homelessfonts.org was also supported by the Oxigeno production company to assist them in filming the short film of the project, and each of the staff members participated in the production as volunteers, selflessly contributing their skills and time. The power of design and creativity is much larger than we imagined. It is not just about creating beautiful things. Many times, a small concept of whimsy can have unlimited influence, especially to unite people together. A good thing is achieved. [vimeo 96064485 w=500 h=281]


Via: Homelessfonts.org...

驚險拍攝下的紐約夜景 “Gotham 7.5K”  攝影師 Vincent Lafore 遠離地面 12,000 公里的奪命演出

New York night scene "Gotham 7.5K" under thrilling shooting Vincent Lafore photographer 12,000 km away from the ground


In this world, when you mention a big city, what places do you first think of? Big Apple New York? Wet and cold London? Berlin that is strongly awakened? What is the bustling city of Tokyo? Or Taipei, which is flowing every day? In the 7.5K street of the “Gotham 7.5K” world of photography, perhaps the first thing people want to ask is why should I take this name? It was because the photographer Vincent Laforet used only the upper half-wrapped seat belt and simple equipment to rush to a helicopter with a distance of 7,500 inches (about 12,000 kilometers) from the ground and photographed on the side! It’s like a thrilling scene that will appear in the movie’s desperate finale. I don’t think anyone is willing to try it in the real world! But look at the results, the New York metropolitan area under the night sky scenery, followed by the electro-optic blue halo background, like the ECG scan during the health check, or a motion image reflected by the brain wave device. Here, in my mind, the scene of the film "The Fifth Element" in The Fifth Element, Mela Jovovich and Bruce Willis, who first met, is happening in New York's air traffic! Imitating the concept of modular architecture, these virtual scenes and amazing animation effects are simply seamless, although the film reviews were mixed in the film, but overall, it is one of the ancestors of the sci-fi film! And looking at these photos by the photographer Vincent Laforet's experienced shooting techniques, and based on personal growth background (small in France and New York grew up), after taking the risk of life, the results are really not let Everyone is disappointed! Originally, before I saw the photos, the editors also imagined the colorful lights, the dazzling bright lights and the glittering flow of the car. However, once opened, it almost completely overturned the original expectations of these photos. The messy details seem to have been displayed like the little jingle used to reduce the magic of the lights, the main axis becomes more blurred, and the expected noise spots disappeared, leaving clear and detectable parts. It’s just a matter of imagination! If you want to see more, please click here. Via : gessato

被治癒了!世界上最幸福的流浪狗兒 Gluta 生活系列寫真

Was cured! The world's happiest stray dog ​​Gluta life series photo


The problem of stray dogs continues to exist in various places and generally deteriorates. I even heard social news about the abandonment of Mao children because of the birth of a child. In fact, each event has its own special situation that can be discussed beforehand or even transferred. And seek professional advice to avoid bigger disasters. This kind-hearted hostess Sorasart Wisetsin met this cute dog on the street sometime, but unfortunately this "her", named after Gluta by the new owner, was diagnosed with cervical cancer, the beginning of adoption. Under the professional care of the owner, the patient’s condition gradually turned better, and finally he gradually began to smile. Look at the pictures taken by the following series of masters. Is it so happy that even the surrounding scenery is bright? Got it up? Via : Gluta's tumblr