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重新出發的百年歷史鑄鐵老店 體現日常基本效用的器具 R&W

The re-starting 100-year-old cast iron store reflects the basic basic functions of the R&W


Once upon a time, brass began to become a new force in the jewelry brand? When did it become the main casting force of emerging metalworking brands? A closer look reveals that even a hawker who sells handicrafts on the roadside has also invested in the arms of Huang Chengcheng. Oda Yuki Bronze は (translated to Oda Seafood Bronze Co., Ltd.) in Japan, located in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, has a history of more than 400 years in the field of foundry bronzes, first from agricultural equipment, kettle iron cans, cast iron objects, Up to today, the highly decorative crafts series adheres to the responsibility and use of each item, and it is more like a loyal old friend standing there. It is always the constant function and function of continuously exploring each life appliance. When the daily life changes, it reminds us that these old friends are waiting for you in the corner, and the current use also reflects the existence of the self. Really understand that the practical level of each item is inseparable from the user's personality and mentality, using the sparkling luster of the original metal to maximize the basic utility of the basics. FLOWER VASE HALF is used to delay the decay of the rhizome. COPPER LEAF can be placed in a vase with flowers, which can delay the decay of the peduncle. Is it amazing? In addition to coffee cups, vases and irons, the new brand "RED & WHITE" has been developed for R&W, emphasizing that no special plating treatment is required, and it is not a concern to face the possibility of rust corrosion, as long as it is lightly scraped In addition to these rust marks, you can still show the original color of the copper light, but changed the color! If you want to know more, please click here. Via : element no20 R&W

罪惡感十足薯條床 軟呼呼的薯條陪你共枕眠

Sinful French fries bed softly fries with your fries


Recently, the McDonald's "Fast Fashion" series launched by fashion brand Moschino is deeply imprinted on my mind. The idea of ​​modern people about fast food is probably there: food such as hamburger, French fries, fried chicken, etc.? Every late night, the restaurants in the streets and lanes continue to fight, and only the 24-hour fast food restaurant is open, with the advertisements that appear from time to time, so that your brain can't fight! At this time, the two ideas jumped out. 1: No matter what I want to eat! 2: Forget it, go to sleep... you will find this choice is wrong when you walk into the room! At least designer Harry Parr tells you this. You are not mistaken! This is the French fries bed that makes you fall into the abyss. Designer Harry Parr introduces this tormented bed, especially if you can pull the fries out of the package and you can with the soft fries. The pillow is more sleepy. If you think your anti-feeding ability is enough, you can also contact the designer to ask him to fry a French fries for you. (Click to order me) The Times Magazine has also reported this fast food bed. Have a look at it, do you really want to have one? I have low resistance to eating... or go to bed first. Via: eciliacarey

來自澳洲的自在騎乘!位於墨爾本寂靜小巷中的老牌荷蘭單車店 Lekker

Free riding from Australia! Old Dutch bicycle shop Lekker in the quiet alleys of Melbourne


The trend of sports and leisure still does not fall back, whether it is Zheng Duoyan who can watch TV at home, or the yoga and Pilates who used to be old and young, and even the recently popular TABATA, it is showing The more busy the pace of life, the more people want to get rid of the almost constant life pace by the external body rhythm. Perhaps you want to get rid of not only the fat accumulated in the skin, but also the more you want to throw away. There is depression and unhappiness with the drop of sweat! I have read many articles about bicycle brands. Today I am looking at a ancestor LEKKER who was born in the Netherlands. The brand was founded in 1885. It is said to be designed for grandmothers who love to wear robes at the time. Paired with a consistent elegance, the classic LEKKER looks simple and streamlined. However, it is not enough to be able to stand in the Netherlands for a long time. Now it is extended to Melbourne, Australia. It is located in a quiet back alley. The area of ​​240 pings is not too big. It may put 10 bicycles plus The moving line space is full! In particular, a fully open exhibition hall was set up for customers to enjoy, and they immediately jumped into the extremely comfortable saddle, and turned around in a relaxed and easy way around the lane. The original design spirit of more than 100 years has hardly changed, whether it is painted with special rust paint, highly recognizable handle shape curvature, even the frame design of the car body, and the super classic rattan basket van, even more Australia The local climate has been fine-tuned. If you are looking for an elegant street tour, or if you want to take a light mountain climbing trip, LEKKER can satisfy you all the time! Even for the addition of these new designs, a post on the blog for a 7-day tour of Western Australia on a LEKKER bike was arranged. After watching these photos, maybe take a ride on your weekend when you are out on a weekend trip! Come to a small city tour, you may find a different surprise! Store Information: Lekker Bikes 23 Provost Street, North Melbourne 1300 053 525 Opening Hours Mon to Fri 10am–6pm Sat 10am–5pm Sun12pm–4pm via : broadsheet, lekker bikes

海選各界藝術家的壁紙徵選比賽 芬蘭壁紙公司 FEATHR

Wallpapers for the selection of artists from all walks of life, Finnish wallpaper company FEATHR


Perhaps because of the long-term humid climate in Taiwan, interior design has become less of a necessity to turn wallpaper into a must-have plan. However, in foreign or newspaper and magazine reports, it is often seen that the wallpaper device not only greatly enhances the finishing touch, but also can be The heroes who change the atmosphere, for example, those who like the Nordic simple style, often unconsciously put their eyes on simple color choices when purchasing living items, such as black and white, if the furniture of the home meets this element, On the most important background wall is still a gray piece, does not appear to be a big sight? Then, if you want to save some time, you might consider the option of installing wallpaper. The Finnish-based wallpaper studio Feathr was formed by three former partners in the advertising company Anne Puukko, Tom Puukko, Oli Green, and recently posted a vote on the website. Working with artists from all over the world, not only did you recruit all the best players, such as tattooists, street graffiti, etc., but also put the results on the website for everyone to enjoy. The wallpaper of their home is characterized by a 165-gram weight of non-woven paper, which is suitable for large-scale printing and can also be hanged. They think that there is too much information in the world, and there are countless junk works. They are very happy to accept criticism and advice. All that they don't want are all appreciated. Some reviews like shit are also very good. Pursue more art, less decorative and exaggerated. “So here's to more good shit and less shit shit.” — is one of the corporate purposes they mentioned. Recently, I have cooperated with the well-known surfing brand Insight, and I have not missed the opportunity to create cross-border creations with various media, such as painting, design, and even body art. "We want some people to love what we're doing and some people to hate it." Do what you love, love what you do, the founder may also hope that everyone will continue to move in this direction! Emerging Artist Casper Heijkenskjöld Dave Towers Illustrator Michael Arnold Robin van Wijk...

是撲滿,也是便條紙的童趣創意!Memo Bank by 台灣設計團隊 Chiandchi

It’s a money-filled, child-friendly idea! Memo Bank by Taiwan Design Team Chiandchi


Remember to hold the pigs full of shaking, and the sound of the copper plate? When I was a child, I finally got the pocket money. I was reluctant to spend all of my money in the fullness. With such a small expectation and satisfaction, it is very difficult to realize the pure happiness after growing up! Now a memorable stationery product, Memo Bank, is quietly capturing you and my heart, from Taiwan's design team Chiandchi's humorous design. It is the dual function of the note paper. In fact, it hides the concept of small financial management. The money between the expenditure and the harvest is the ingenuity of Memo Bank. The upper part of the product is a note. Whenever you use a piece of note paper, you can put it into the copper plate. You can quickly save the amount you want with the reduction of the paper! Chiandchi set up a studio in Taiwan in 2013. The inspiration for the creation comes from the small discoveries of human nature and daily life, so I can see the subtle small fortunes in Memo Bank! Presumably, it is very suitable to be placed in the office, and the note paper is posted on the table. It is also a way to remind yourself to save money, right? If the reader is interested in Chiandchi products, it is recommended to go to the official website or fan page to browse, and the price of Memo Bank in Taiwan is 629 yuan. Occasionally, I will recollect the change and put the change into the hour of childhood! Via: designtaxi