The literary salon in the century-old pharmacy of Ulysses: the memory of James Joyce's writings, Dublin SWENY'S


The text is undoubtedly the most borderless magic. It does not affect your vision, nor interferes with your hearing. It just firmly throws a rope to let the person who is indulging in reading, hold the other side of the rope tightly, and make the force upward. Climb can reach any place that your heart is looking for. In the book, you can see Guo Jing, Huang Rong Li, the city of Fuyang, and the romantic balcony of Romeo and Juliet. You can also visit the labyrinth of Dublin in Ulysses. Since the publication of Ulysses in 1922, writer James. The life of James Joyce draws fans from all over the world to this magical Irish heart, Dublin, to find out. Through his incredible imagination, Joyce combines the historical vision of the ancient Greek epic Odyssey to bring the landscape and characters in the city to life, even to tell the story of the owner, Leopold Bloom. The day after "June 16, 1904" created "Bloom Day" that is shared by global book fans. Every year on June 16th, a large number of Joyce fans gather in Dublin to find Bloom's footprints in the streets. Opening the fifth chapter of Ulysses, there is a Sweny's pharmacy that Bloom has visited; this elegant old building on Lombard Street is located near Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland. It is the concrete image of the word magic in reality. Sweny's This building was built in 1847. It was once the consultation room of local family physicians. Later, pharmacists arrived. Until the Sweny family took over the pharmacy in 1853, the brand known to all Dublin residents was established. Sweny's has been around for a hundred years, and the top of the bookshelf is filled with bottles and jars filled with herbs and sweets; the photos, newspapers and medical treasures scattered around the shelves; second-hand books and different versions of Yuri The Sith is piled on the table, and the pages with yellow corners are like an old man who has seen the world and slowly tells the story of Dublin. After pushing Sweny's door, the breath of the water seemed like a cup of black coffee. It was not bitterness after drinking it, but it was a long-lasting fermentation. It was exclusively for the pure breath of Ulysses. The gift that has been selling for decades in the store is a lemon soap wrapped in pale yellow tissue paper. In "Ulysses," Bloom bought body cream for his wife at Sweny's, and by the way took away the soap that smelled of lemon. This soap also became Bloom's amulet, followed him through Dublin's day. In the future, visitors to this pilgrimage will follow Blume and buy a piece of lemon soap as a commemoration. It seems to be able to wear time between the pleasant aromas and return to Dublin a hundred years ago. Even in 2009, with the original “pharmacy”, Sweny's is now the unofficial Joyce Museum, managed by volunteers headed by PJ Murphy, Wendy Conroy and Cecilia Fox, through charitable donations and the sale of lemon soap. Maintaining operations, daily "Ulysses", "Finnegans Watching Night" (Finnegans Wake...

Back to school-like sense of belonging: Airbnb Dublin International Headquarters


Nearly three years after the establishment of the Airbnb Dublin office, the recent international headquarters in Dublin has once again worked with Heneghan Peng Architects. The original building was formerly a warehouse of more than 4,000 pings, so the design team used the advantages of the building itself to design a staircase across the different floors in the visual center, perfectly explaining the concept of Airbnb “sharing”. The overall design style of the Dublin International Headquarters is most noticeable. It is like a long ladder that runs back into the campus and runs through the atrium. This ladder not only becomes a walkway on the upper and lower floors, but also enhances the staff. The transparency of the field of vision promotes the discussion and communication of each other, and the ladder also has the possibility of socializing employees. Airbnb's environmental design team incorporates the concept of “neighborhood” into this plan, and employees can freely discuss groups in semi-open, independent spaces; even turning corners, sofas or simple high chairs are placed in good view. The location allows everyone to pick and choose the corner work. The interior style is made of a large amount of wood, black C-shaped steel and floor-to-ceiling glass as the main material; the furniture selection is dominated by a colorful single chair, creating a relaxed atmosphere of "home" - echoing the spirit of Airbnb. Different from the general office planning, the beige lampshade on the wall adds warmth and calmness. In the open windows of individual semi-open spaces, it is like stepping into a well-designed and comfortable coffee shop. The roof shape of some indoor spaces, or the apex, or the bare lines like industrial style, use the contours of the building itself to find a variety of ways of use; shuttle, involuntarily let people feel the Airbnb living style in the sharing economy, non-stop Inspire the possibilities of creativity. To reflect Airbnb's multicultural background around the world, each meeting space is designed from existing Airbnb elements around the world – part of Airbnb's global office design strategy. At the headquarters in Dublin, the heneghan peng architectural design team also worked with the staff to conceive the office decoration. The home accessories were selected from the countries on Airbnb's current map, for example, from the table in Romania, or It is an ornament from a house in France. ...