Back to school-like sense of belonging: Airbnb Dublin International Headquarters


Nearly three years after the establishment of the Airbnb Dublin office, the recent international headquarters in Dublin has once again worked with Heneghan Peng Architects. The original building was formerly a warehouse of more than 4,000 pings, so the design team used the advantages of the building itself to design a staircase across the different floors in the visual center, perfectly explaining the concept of Airbnb “sharing”. The overall design style of the Dublin International Headquarters is most noticeable. It is like a long ladder that runs back into the campus and runs through the atrium. This ladder not only becomes a walkway on the upper and lower floors, but also enhances the staff. The transparency of the field of vision promotes the discussion and communication of each other, and the ladder also has the possibility of socializing employees. Airbnb's environmental design team incorporates the concept of “neighborhood” into this plan, and employees can freely discuss groups in semi-open, independent spaces; even turning corners, sofas or simple high chairs are placed in good view. The location allows everyone to pick and choose the corner work. The interior style is made of a large amount of wood, black C-shaped steel and floor-to-ceiling glass as the main material; the furniture selection is dominated by a colorful single chair, creating a relaxed atmosphere of "home" - echoing the spirit of Airbnb. Different from the general office planning, the beige lampshade on the wall adds warmth and calmness. In the open windows of individual semi-open spaces, it is like stepping into a well-designed and comfortable coffee shop. The roof shape of some indoor spaces, or the apex, or the bare lines like industrial style, use the contours of the building itself to find a variety of ways of use; shuttle, involuntarily let people feel the Airbnb living style in the sharing economy, non-stop Inspire the possibilities of creativity. To reflect Airbnb's multicultural background around the world, each meeting space is designed from existing Airbnb elements around the world – part of Airbnb's global office design strategy. At the headquarters in Dublin, the heneghan peng architectural design team also worked with the staff to conceive the office decoration. The home accessories were selected from the countries on Airbnb's current map, for example, from the table in Romania, or It is an ornament from a house in France. ...

Japanese-style residential element avatar comfort office: a glimpse of Airbnb Tokyo headquarters


Starting with a two-person team, Airbnb takes the form of a publicly registered rental room (reviewing Polysh art editor Athena directly at Airbnb headquarters), bringing a unique and unique housing experience to travellers around the world. Since 2008, it has expanded from the US headquarters to the world. In 2012, it moved to Singapore to expand the Asia-Pacific region. Last year, it set up a new office in Tokyo, Japan. The local design office Suppose Design Office created a unique and unique new office type! "The main concept is actually very simple. We want to show the atmosphere and feeling of the neighborhood in Tokyo." The design team said: "Abandon the way of dividing the space by wall, and think about the way of indoor function division, while taking into account the connectivity of the overall space. Sexuality. With the design of Japanese tea room and Japanese-style architecture, the office space filled with Japanese-style warm atmosphere was born, full of home comfort, and the spirit of Airbnb's brand spirit - "there is a home in the world" Hehe. Walking down the stairs, the open space is gray and wood-based. The pillars are chosen to be dark, adding a little weight to the light space. The meticulous segmentation of the windows echoes the vocabulary of Japanese-style windows, and the potted trees dotted in it can soothe The serious atmosphere of the office creates a relaxing environment for working in the courtyard. Here, you can find any corner that suits you, the location of the window bar, or the central discussion table, allowing employees to decide their own pace and maximize the efficiency of their work. The indoor wooden floor runs through the interior, symbolizing the Japanese-style edge corridor, leading visitors into the work area, and also marking the main moving lines in the room; the meeting room next to the entrance deliberately creates a two-story façade, showing the amount of indoor and outdoor Body relationship. Come to the rear, low ceilings, comfortable sofa seats, warm vertical lights and other elements, like the hotel hotel reception space, the exclusive personal work area is simply created. The high-rise area of ​​the wood framed by the window, put a few cushions like the old residential space, which is exactly the ingenuity of the design team; the bustling Tokyo city scene is on the window, this work area is like the incarnation of the Japanese edge gallery. For the outdoor scenery, the mood of work is more quiet. The telephone conference room on the side is based on the concept of a traditional Japanese tea room. The small size is used to cover the whole space with paper. The indoor lighting is slightly transparent, warm and delicate. The two traditional Japanese architectural vocabulary extends to every corner of the space. From the choice of materials, the arrangement of planes, and the cutting of the facade, the Airbnb Tokyo office reflects the exquisiteness and uniqueness of Japanese operation space design. After careful consideration, such a comfortable space was born, so that every worker can fall in love with his work and find his own work corner. Images Sources: yellowtrace &Suppose Design Office Blog. Join Polysh Facebook to read the latest and interesting design and architectural articles.

Naked and white stealth storage: Budapest Daily Rent Apartment AIRBN'P


Young, we always hope to have a private castle, but forced to continue the high real estate market, this dream seems far away. Retreat to the next, bought the first suite of about 10 pings in life, but this space seems to be filled with memories and broad future. There is an apartment in Budapest, like the first private property that most people started with. The property rights are small and it seems that nothing can be put in. However, after the Hungarian interior design team POSITION Collective, it becomes a place for all travelers. Aspire to stop at AIRBN'P. The focus of AIRBN'P's overall style is nothing more than the huge plywood wall, one of the walls that takes up tiny spaces. The circular hole above, like the drainage hole of the retaining wall, but the use is completely different. The hole in the apartment can be used to make the position of the movable plate up and down through the cassette, and then change the size of the storage compartment, so that the residents can Increase or decrease the rack or decide where to place it as needed. Like on the kitchen side, you can put on a dining table, cups and other kitchen utensils, while the bedroom can display paintings or books. One of the team's most proud designs - the double bed, but also the eyes are bright, after all, there is a large piece of furniture in the small apartment, it is a luxury! Joining this bed is definitely not a waste of space, and the storage size under the bed is also a corresponding amount - not so much the ultimate use under the bed, it is better to move the entire bed to the top of the cabinet. In order to keep the visual size from being affected by the pattern, the POSITION Collective uses a white cotton mesh between the bedroom and the kitchen instead of the usual solid partition. AIRBN'P shows that the storage space and the spaciousness of the room are not necessarily inversely related. Compared to the large and bulky wardrobe, POSITION Collective chose the blue-green metal tube as the hanger - the clothes that are often worn are hung on the metal tube, and the rest It can be stored in the cabinet inside the bed board. It not only maintains the effect of open space, but also adds a touch of lively color to the living space of nude and white MUJI style. The bathroom is divided into a lot more than the others, but it is also insufficient. This kind of deficiency replaces the bathtub into a shower room, and because it needs to be placed at the same time, the shower, the sink and the toilet are forced to make the sink shallower. Fortunately, such a contingency does not result in a reduction in storage capacity, and there are still multi-layer cabinets and iron racks in the bathroom that can be loaded into all toiletries. Finally, the whole apartment was lit up by the energetic morning sun. In addition to the large windows on the kitchen side, the matte glass in the room also added light. This super-receiving apartment is currently privately owned, however, the owner has put this ingenious design on Airbnb to share with many travelers, perhaps to Budapest to have the opportunity to stay in this AIRBN'P. All Images via POSITION Collective. Join Polysh Facebook to read the latest and interesting design and art articles at any time.

與鯊魚的野性共眠,Airbnb 的巴黎水族館海底套房

Sleeping with the shark's wildness, Airbnb's Paris Aquarium Undersea Suite


The wild nature of nature is with a charming and mysterious atmosphere. When people are born with nature, when they see the beautiful nature, they will always feel happy and satisfied. Therefore, thanks to the technology, we have more A wonderful opportunity to get close to the mysterious universe that is out of reach. With the rise of tourism and the rise of Airbnb in recent years, I believe that many people have already become the users of this website. They can find suitable accommodations at the destination of travel and experience the local style of the locals, which is why Airbnb is fascinating. one. Perhaps you have also seen advertisements and activities that Airbnb releases from time to time, such as spending the night in the high-altitude carriages of the ski resort, enjoying the impression of being surrounded by many famous paintings in the art gallery, or even the unforgettable holiday experience in the mountains. Memories are all impressive and fascinating. This time, Airbnb collaborates with the Paris Aquarium to launch an unimaginable underwater suite event that shares a beautiful night with 35 sharks in a depth of 10 miles in a 3 million liter aquarium, wandering the 360-degree endless underwater world . The suite in this giant aquarium is an amazing creation of the Paris Aquarium, which was created by a special expert with a year of research and a professional underwater engineering design company to create this underwater suite tailored for the Paris Aquarium. Although the Paris Aquarium's cooperation with Airbnb ended last month, the Paris Aquarium said that this space will be the best place for biologists and scientists to study sharks in the future. Have the opportunity to travel to Paris for travellers, or maybe visit the unique aquarium world at the Paris Aquarium! Image Sources: Airbnb

The technological innovation of human and design leadership: Airbnb headquarters direct attack!


Airbnb, the self-propelled leasing platform that was founded in 2008 and has risen in recent years, is because of the uniqueness of its platform, so that you can plan to travel abroad, not only facing the boring standard of hotel decoration, but also Carry out the spirit of bravery and end to a stranger's house for one night! Interestingly, compared to other Silicon Valley technology entrepreneurs, Airbnb's two founders, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, graduated from the famous Rhode Island School of Art and Design (RISD) in the United States, not from the background of information engineering. The founder of the design, let Airbnb pay more attention to the aesthetic and visual image design than other technology startups. Airbnb's San Francisco headquarters, located at 888 Brannan St, is located in the SOMA area (the South of Market, a famous technology company in San Francisco, including companies such as Pinterest), a 100-year-old warehouse renovation A new space. The founders believe that the office environment should reflect the spirit of the company. How can the company's environment be as casual, warm and full of surprises as the various homes registered on Airbnb? Fortunately, I had the opportunity to travel to Airbnb headquarters under the leadership of an excellent US-based engineer who is currently working at Airbnb. The impression after visiting the whole building is that it really seems to travel around the world and visit a huge Ikea! The headquarters itself is divided into different themes in each country, and each corner and every meeting room is also restored to the headquarters space according to the interior decoration of the Airbnb house in the world. People can't help! These seem to be the space of other people's living room and living room, don't doubt, it is a conference room and office space! There are even employees who are whimsical, in the personal workspace designed by themselves, some have a ball pool, and even a Hello Kitty birthday party theme! Employees can walk around with the laptop in the company, and can meet in a living room, or in a relatively small private space. Looking around, it is like browsing a variety of room information on the Airbnb website, successfully implementing the spatial image of the digital webpage into the real space of the entity. It is worth mentioning that one of the conference rooms called Rausch is one of the founders of the restoration...


Limited during summer: you can live in Amsterdam, combining exhibitions with interesting living experiences


What do you want to experience when you travel to an unfamiliar area? I think the first thing many people think of is the taste of local cuisine! I originally thought so, but after I actually traveled, I will put food and accommodation in the first place now! In addition to having a pleasant mood after tasting the food, if you live in a hotel that is much higher than expected, it will not only make you want to revisit the old land, but also a lot of extra travel! When it comes to this year's worthy special hotels around the world, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the 12 camps created by urban campsite, combined with many designers, architects and artists, will definitely not disappoint the combined accommodation experience. Since the beginning of this summer, these 12 shapes are full of creativity and artistic sense. They are like camp-like fun hostels, which have been well received by many local residents and tourists. How special is it? Let’s take a look! Urban Campsite reception, public and toilet 'upside down you turn me' by Rob Sweere is like a capsule that landed in the endless sands of IJburg, where you can see the up, down, left and right views through the semicircular windows. You can also walk down and sit in a chair that can cover the rain. There are actually two spaces in this hostel, where the capsules can be used for rest and sleep, while under the capsules are sitting and resting, or looking into the distant horizon for daydreaming. 'Solid Family' by Boomhuttenfest continues the designer's previous design, providing icosahedral design space through tunnels or corridors for up to 4 people. 'Val Ross' by MUD projects The purpose of MUD projects is to give old objects or discarded things new life, draw inspiration from the materials available, and develop new forms and experience new insights. 'Trampotent' by Vince Vijsma Designer Vince Vijsma said that he didn't have much interest in new products at work, but instead liked to combine existing objects, images and features to create something new. Who can think that the top of the tent can also be used as a bounce bed? 'Ibc shrinkwrap house' by Refunc has been recycled to create a uniquely designed building. ...

Roaming in Tokyo: Tokyo's minibus hotel Caravan Tokyo


When you go to Tokyo to play, what type of hotel do you choose to stay in? Some travelers will choose a very popular capsule hotel in recent years in order to save some money on accommodation, but if you just have enough travel expenses and want to try something different than the usual hotels, then definitely try this light from The shape of the Tokyo minibus hotel - CARAVAN TOKYO. This kind of minibus hotel currently has several strongholds around the city of Tokyo. Apart from 100% from the inside out, it is made by local Japanese artisans. Don’t look like it’s a small one. In fact, it’s small from the bookshelf, wireless network, From the sinks to the bathroom facilities, there is also an intimate wooden space around the minibuses for a relaxing break in the city. Of course, the advantages of this Tokyo minibus definitely do not stop there. Its other special feature is convenience, because it is located in Omotesando, which is full of personalized coffee shops, restaurants, bars and fashion stores, even if you are You don't have to be tempted to taste food or go shopping. What's even better is that the minibus's stagnation point is only a 3-minute walk from Omotesando Station, which is a big advantage for travelers who want to explore Tokyo. In addition to the minibus hotel and the surrounding space, Caravan Tokyo offers additional composite spaces, including shared offices with high-speed Internet, coffee shops, galleries, food vendors, etc., all you want and can't think of here. If you have a plan to travel to Tokyo next time, you may wish to go to the rental website airbnb to learn more detailed information about the Tokyo Minibus Hotel, and perhaps live as a patron! For more information, please see the CARAVAN TOKYO website. Image source: Trendland/airbnb.