Have a drink? No, drink a classic song list: Frank Sinatra, who is drunk in the jungle, Athens bar Drunk Sinatra & Rehab

Frank Sinatra is undoubtedly one of the most representative singers of the United States in the 20th century. In addition to the singer's body spanning different generations, he released numerous songs such as "Stranger in the Night" and "New York, New York". Its legendary life, even today in the 21st century, is still an unforgettable voice and story. As a singer, Sinatra is also a representative of Oscar's best supporting role, President Kennedy's best friend, and the American Pack artist Rat Pack. The mystery of his relationship with the Mafia, It is to make the legendary life more mysterious. Image Source: Drunk Sinatra Instagram. Image Source: Drunk Sinatra Instagram. I don't forget to put a lot of dollars in copper in my pocket. This interesting habit comes from his rescue of the kidnapped son, Frank Sinatra, which was even made. Into the album; his insistence on racial equality, using his powerful influence, successfully forced casinos and hotels to abolish the apartheid system. Even after his death, the US President and the British Prime Minister also expressed their grief; in the face of the arrival of death, his dying words continue the legend of his style, leaving a sentence: "I want to lose" as a period of great life. Image Source: Rehab Facebook. Image Source: Rehab Facebook. Image Source: Drunk Sinatra Instagram. Inspired by such a legendary figure, the Athens bar "Drunk Sinatra & Rehab" is certainly not a mediocre existence. . Drunk Sinatra & Rehab is a combination of two bars, "Drunk Sinatra" and "Rehab", which are called "Drunk Athens". Bartender Antreas Dimitropoulos leads the partner Dimitris...

Minibus dining car in the gallery, Athens 48 Urban Garden

This is a story about many illusions that come true - the night light of Greece reflects the bright light of your face, lingering in the gallery after the closing, not to look at the exhibition and silently chewing on the ambiguity, but It is the most indispensable joy for satisfying life. Of course, there are also chewing and thinking, and the factors that are enticing and deliberate to forget are integrated into the air to cover the whole body. All the fantasies in the story belong to the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center. When I walked out of the hall, I suddenly looked back. We met the illuminating minibus 48 Urban Garden. When people talk about studying philosophy, art, democracy or even the history of the Olympics, the pioneering significance of the Greek capital Athens has always been unquestionable. In this ancient city with a cultural balance and contemporary development, the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center was born in the first complex space, with modern art exhibitions, literary publications, book fairs, poetry and even music events and theater performances... ...and nothing to do; so there is no limit to the space, naturally also shaped a unique catering service. Image Source: 48 Urban Garden Facebook. Image Source: 48 Urban Garden Facebook. A silver Airstream minibus dining car is stationed in the lobby on the first floor. It is like a hail of gaze gazing at a group of tables and chairs scattered around it, 190 square meters. The vast hinterland of the ruler turns into the most fascinating galaxies in the world. It looks like a surreal show. In fact, every day and night outside of Monday, when it is wrong, it continues to cook a sincere and feast. Image Source: 48 Urban Garden Facebook. Image Source: 48 Urban Garden Facebook. Image Source: 48 Urban Garden Facebook. Saved the last century's aircraft fluid dynamics as a design inspiration, the aluminum alloy sleek body is in the warmth of the room. Light - Now that I have chosen Airstream, which is called "Camping Trailer Rolls Royce"...

The Clumsies Bar in Athens: a dream of two bartending champions


"Micro-small" is the reaction of the chemical substance ethanol after the body chemical action after drinking a mouthful of alcohol. The brain will enter the state of excitement and make people feel dizzy in the process of metabolizing ethanol to acetic acid; but if you use the scientific method, the effect of the skin on the body is indeed contrary to the life brought by alcohol. Feelings. If you use the right amount of money to understand the wisdom of alcohol fermentation; even the freshly decaying sweet fruit also contains alcohol, then after drinking a well-designed special cocktail, you will have a mood change, excitement, and carnival, why? Not a great enjoyment in life. Athens, 8 km from the Aegean Sea, is surrounded by many famous philosophers, writers and politicians, and the famous Greek mythology is also fermented over time. This is an old town suitable for letting imagination and tasting a "slightly" and telling the story of life. Find a spiritual and emotional redemption for a boring life. On the Praxitelous Street in Athens, The Clumsies is named after the “Best Bar in the World”; the retro-aged tonality is experimental and elegant, both elegant and impulsive – when you drink into your throat Before the delicious and delicious, its wine-drinking method has a little bit of fun. Back in 2012, the two World Wine Classes Vassilis Kyritsis (2012 Greek Bartender World Champion) and Nikos Bakoulis (2011 Greek Bartender World Class Champion) met in the same bar; they shared each other Recognizing the identity of the bartender, I believe that a good bartender should not only choose an impeccable formula, but also connect the guests with drinks. After a few years of experimentation, they worked with several other partners to create The Clumsies. The Clumsies are hidden in neoclassical architecture in 1903, but far beyond the imagination of a modern gentleman's club. In the Clumsies space created by the Nine Design design team, some of the paved wooden floors and natural light of the bath are warm tones. The wall cabinets are covered with various wine glasses and drinks; each room has its own style: The old-fashioned library lamp holder, the mysterious neon cloister, the café-like comfortable seating area, the corner of the bed where people can "lie down and drink", and the old apartment in the movie, with a billiard ball. Retro home cubicle with table. For Nikos and Vassilis, the contact with alcoholic people is an important part of their work, and the fun of interaction is reflected in the design of the winemaking process. The classic list of bartending is a wooden box filled with a variety of fragrant glass mason jars, and the alcoholic can guess the desired bartending by smelling the smell. Last year, The Clumsies also developed a new order – dividing the drink into “past,” “now,” and “future.” In a wit game like a board game, alcoholics should not just drink, but also drink. Before the little brains! Reminiscent of the story of Dionysus, the god of wine in Greek mythology, He has the power of intoxication, allowing people to enjoy the carefree moments of life, but also let people fall apart from the sacred; protect the Greek agriculture, drama Culture gives the world joy and happiness. The Clumsies enjoys their enjoyment and enjoyment. The alcoholic travels through the rooms and listens to jazz swings while sipping a world-class drink. I believe the story in the bar must be beyond the slightest; perhaps for local drinkers, This is a small wine god festival in life, full of emotions and brains of a dream. The...

Light and thin like a wing, gentle as moonlight: light house in Athens


The romance of Paris is a drop of the quaintness of the Athens style, like the old songs of ancient Greek architecture. Located in the suburbs of Athens, Glyfada, every night, you can see the silhouette of the plant on the wall of the building, like an ancient Greek relief sculpture; this is the architectural team 314 Architecture Studio named "H102 Romance Contemporaine's architectural plan, which was hailed as "the place where the Greek rich gathered," created a romantic and innovative roof house, like a piece of white jade, adding a few French feelings to the tranquil atmosphere. An Athens apartment originally built in the 1970s, the appearance of the building team's clever hands, gradually germinated and formed by a monotonous and boring white rectangle, growing into a pair of light-colored wings. The 314 Architecture Studio team, which specializes in white geometrical and warm light, explains: "With a continuous engraving, the whole building is like a transparent body with a lot of light and shadow imprints." The wall, as well as the transparent material selection that changes with the light and shadow, makes the roof have both the ancient Greek memories and the sleek curved shape of the ancient women's gauze. The ironing is the mural poetry carefully crafted by the architectural studio, and a touch of the pair. The future of the city. The interior of the apartment was transformed into a four-story, perpetual building through romantic brushstrokes. The indoor space replaces the wall with tropical plants, constructs a private atrium, and has a second living room to allow internal and external space to circulate, achieve a good air circulation, and reduce energy waste. The second floor and above have a good view, which can be used as a formal gathering space; the top floor is equipped with slidable metal woven curtains, and the master bedroom is boldly set here. It looks like a piece of ancient Greek-style traditional draping, romantic and modern. While retaining privacy, it also frames the ups and downs of the remote Immitos Mountain and the wide blue sky of the Aegean Sea. It is like a magnificent view of the ancient Athens period. Nowadays, the Greek economy is facing difficulties. The rich areas of the capital still pursue the ultimate aesthetics without being affected. It may seem that they are somewhat out of touch, but looking at history, most of the cultural assets we see today are from the past and life. The exquisite pursuit of beauty. Perhaps the reform is not a phenomenon of "richness", but an uneven distribution of wealth and the concept of people's money. If one day people's basic wealth needs can be guaranteed, and the rich people are willing to embrace the hearts of the world, then many artists in the world can create a piece of art in the world like 314 Architecture Studio in Glyfada. Self-occupation. All Images via designboom. Join Polysh Facebook to read the latest and interesting architectural and design articles.

City Secrets: The fascinating philosophy of life in neoclassicalism, Athens Choosing Cafe Philos Athens

The ancient Mediterranean city of Athens, Greece, the intricate urban textures depict the outline of this ancient city, and the neoclassical exquisite buildings line the streets, making people feel like they were before the century. But because of the expensive management and renovation costs, such old-fashioned buildings often become a ruin of the lack of interest, and an old building on Solonos Street is immune to such a fate. A couple who loved the old building took on this neoclassical building, and in the house of the once-famous collector Evripidis Koutlidis, the stove was re-opened, Philos Athens selected coffee The museum was born. Mottled walls, old-fashioned floor tiles, and tiny cracks on the top fill the traces of time; the solid wood steps leading to the second floor are beautifully curved due to the weight of the years, and the thick wooden window frames are elegantly decorated. Flowers, this is the beautiful window in the house, which records the texture and traces of life in the house. What Philos did was add a few lightweight glass cabinets and several dining tables and chairs; the detailed gold iron pieces were the structure of the display cabinet, and the clothes on the top might be hanging, maybe the shoe bag, the transparent glass laminate Stealth in the background, let the goods show its complete appearance. At Philos you can find emerging brands from different countries, famous brands, or objects created by craftsmanship, from shoe bags, accessories, books, furniture to bicycles, etc. The style selection chosen by the eyes brought a new atmosphere to the old house; the old house that was just right for renovation was a natural style show. The café on the first floor is raised on two floors, dotted with green plants, creating an atmosphere in the atrium of the house; the melody of the background flow is in addition to the music that the store will have, and it is shuttled in different rooms, birdsong, waves and slaps. The rhythm, even the poetry of the poetry, sets the corners of the building. There are no gorgeous and expensive meals in Philos, only authentic dishes, sandwiches, salads, coffee, wine and Mediterranean cuisine, etc. The most special thing is that the owner of the egg-loving food displays his enthusiasm on the menu, here you You can find all kinds of egg dishes you want, including the Greeks' favorite kayana - eggs with tomato sauce and a little bacon, so pure stone can eat the original taste of the food and the chef's intentions. If you can't find a place in the complex of the old town, the tired journey needs a soothing moment. Come to Philos and waste a afternoon sitting in the spacious hall, counting the time and shadow of the light and shadow. Tasting a heart-warming piece – the best on the trip, count the few loose afternoons! PHILOS ATHENS 32 Solonos, Kolonaki T: +30-210-361-9163 All Images via Philos Athens Facebook. Join Polysh Facebook and read the latest and interesting design and architectural articles.

Buddha, paper lanterns and Thai snacks: Far Eastern style, Buba Bistrot Exotique, Greece

The wave of Asia swept across Europe, and the wave from the East was blown up in the European continent. In the general impression, Asian food and customs seem to be found only in Chinatown, Vietnam Street, and so on. Nowadays, more Europeans are fascinated by the Asian style. These restaurants that focus on Asian cuisine are no longer confined to specific areas in the past. Instead, they are more like ordinary streetscapes, and naturally blend into the life of the land. Image Source: Buba Bistrot Exotique Facebook. Image Source: Buba Bistrot Exotique Facebook. In the small town of Kifissia in the Greek capital of Athens, there is an Asian-style restaurant that specializes in Thai cuisine - Buba Bistrot Exotique, just named from the restaurant It can be seen that the obsession of the operators in Asia is by no means ordinary. Buba, the name of the Buddha, also symbolizes the meaning of blessings. The scenes of the distant oceans are reproduced in the old European city of the century. This restaurant, from the air to the meal, is full of various Asian atmospheres; with the taste buds, each visitor who leads the meal travels across the ocean and experiences the exotic atmosphere of the Far East. Image Source: Buba Bistrot Exotique. Image Source: Buba Bistrot Exotique Facebook. Image Source: Buba Bistrot Exotique. Image Source: Buba Bistrot Exotique. Image Source: Buba Bistrot Exotique Facebook....

Collage Narrative of Architecture: Athens Petralona House


Modernist architecture of the twentieth century (reviewing the modernist confession of the 20th century architect EILEEN GRAY & L4 HOUSE by the architect Argentine architect Luciano Kruk), which greatly influences the style of today's architecture, geometric lines, minimalist architecture The styling became a trend, with high-rise buildings and buildings. The Greek architectural team Point Supreme Architects rebuilt a low-rise old house in Athens with a collage approach, becoming a three-story mixed-race building, Petrolona House. The "collage" technique came from the beginning of the last century by the cubist painters Pablo Picasso and George Braque, the two pioneers who blended various media on the plane of the painting. Use, to explore how the changes in the media show each other's impact and characteristics, affecting the later surreal, Dada and Pop Art. During and after World War I, the Dadaism boom spread in Europe; under the spirit of accidentality and emptiness, Dadaists practiced the collage techniques while disintegrating the order of the old world, in addition to expressing anti-war trends. The protest was dissatisfied with the bourgeois value that prevailed at the time. However, collage is often not so pleasing in architectural design, because it is often simplified as a combination of visual color blocks; "Meeting in a plane that is unfamiliar to both sides," German artist Max Ernst once described. Point Supreme Architects's duo architects Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianna Rentzou believe that if you don't just use visual color blocks to understand architecture, but instead use a variety of different spatial experiences as a priority for architectural design, you can create unique Spatial narrative. We hope that the work is not only related to collages and colors, it is too easy to misunderstand. Our priority is to use collage to create different sensory experiences – collages are just the way to achieve their goals. So the story of space is far more necessary than collage. Originally a traditional one-story residential building in Athens, Petralona House blends the imagination of the architects and their architectural experience and architectural space in the Netherlands and London. The first floor partially retains the look of the home, using a large amount of glass to connect the natural space of the courtyard; the second floor uses a retro canopy, windows and balconies to connect traditional Greek life; the top floor is an extended white box – even reminiscent of The collage style is very different from the work of modernist master Kirby. "In fact, it blends elements of many different homes that create a new sense of story in the space." The design team explained the coherent approach from nature to life, humanity, and abstraction from a building. Inside the building, a large number of remanufactured or second-hand items are used to talk to the building, and some of the materials are provided by local residents. They are creating unique buildings in nature, interpersonal communication, and ideals. It is also what the construction team believes: there is a focus in various contradictory, relative, and heterogeneous contexts that can cover various differences. . Images Sources: Point Supreme Architects & Wallpaper. Join Polysh...


Travel Notes: Slow Live Athens, Greece


Most people now talk about Greece, probably thinking of a bankrupt and economically depressed country, and then it may be a social issue that associates with riots and refugees. When I really traveled to the city, I felt that no matter where in the world, every day, dangerous things are always happening, and relatively beautiful things never stop at the same time.

置身夢境的超現實餐廳 雅典 Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center 用餐區

A dreamlike surreal restaurant Athens Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center dining area


The gallery is often unattainable in life, like a Parisian girl with a little arrogance on her face, or an Italian boy who is sitting on a motorcycle with a cigarette and releasing a bohemian, confessing frankly. However, it exudes a fascinating tonality that makes us feel unconstrained. On the first floor of the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center in Athens, a new dining space, 48 Urban Garden, is being refurbished by the architect firm AK-A, using natural oblique light from the open-air garden in front. Green plants with large vines and a large number of wooden benches make the outdoor a warm and pleasant block. The indoor high-profile design is almost the height of the double-storey building. It is connected with the bright and lush sight of the outdoor. It uses a bar with a high and low brightness and a main dining area, a picnic table and chairs, and a complementary color block. The design, a large number of artificial or natural green plants, indirectly presents a sense of detachment that is somewhere in the forest, and as long as you turn around, you can also adjust to become bright light in the sun. There is no place to hide in the bar area, and when the night comes, but under the slight illuminating light string on the top of the head, it is hidden into a mysterious atmosphere like a swamp. We can walk along the river bank slowly in the fresh air outdoors. In the area, when the cold wind blows, it will shuttle to the warm area with dim light. The architect said that the tone is very simple. Olive green, white, light green, and black and brown wooden objects on the surface are a dining room that does not leave the original architectural frame, but is shallow and filled with cute and charming! The ingredients used are not at all sloppy. From the local organic raw materials and the starting point of the concept of seasonal materials, the chefs here are holding a respectful attitude to make each meal, respecting each person with respect. The customer offers a good dish, which is not as good as the restaurant attached to the art center. Detailed information: Architects: AK-A Location: Athens, Greece Architects In Charge: Katerina Apostolou, Minna Colakis Mechanical Engineer: Dimitris Dionyssiotis Area: 190.0 sqm via : mocoloco