Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry, an old urchin, builds an art hill: LUMA Arles, the South American Museum of Contemporary Art


Frank Gehry, an old urchin who is not old and creative, has a lot of new work to make everyone feel refreshed. Following the last time in Paris, France, a romantic ship "Foundation Louis Vuitton" that sailed on the land has become one of the new landmarks of Huadu; this time his work is settled in Arles in the south of France, for the blue The quaint town on the coastline builds a bold and avant-garde hill. Located in Nanfa, in the town of Yar, in addition to the Roman amphitheatre, monuments, churches, and the beautiful sights of the famous Van Gogh paintings, there is a world-class contemporary photography exhibition "Rencontres d'Arles" every summer. It is synonymous with Yar. In recent years, Frank Gehry's Parc des Ateliers, a contemporary experimental art center for LUMA Arles, is also located in a beautiful town intertwined with traditional and contemporary art, next to a famous abandoned railway. Founded in 2004, the LUMA Foundation was founded by renowned Swiss curator/art collector Maja Hoffmann to support independent artists and creative pioneers around the world, including art, photography, publications, documentary and multi-media collaboration and creation. Painting, combining environmental, human rights and educational issues. LUMA Arles, which was extended from the LUMA Foundation in 2013, flaunts the art research and thoughts of the "Experimental Culture Center". It is located in the space of the former railway station and named "Parc des Ateliers". Frank Gehry's ongoing tower is the main building in the garden. In addition to its appearance, it has its own irregular expressions. It is also based on the characteristics of the local mountain range, creating a tower shape of 56 meters high; Looking at it, or looking at it from a distant horizon, it has contributed to Yal's unique and unique skyline that has escaped from the original landscape. Two spaces next to the tower, such as the factory building, were planned by the famous American architect Annabelle Selldorf. In recent years, it is not only the main exhibition hall of the photography exhibition, but also the primary venue for various cultural events. Now it has already been in Yar. The important position of Art Hub. ...

我的學校,是紙做的!澳洲紙袋大學 by 85 歲建築師 Frank Gehry

My school is made of paper! Australian Paper Bag University by 85-year-old architect Frank Gehry


Text / Polysh Special Writer Sophia Ch. 85-year-old, born in Canada, took the Pritzker Architecture Prize, National Medal of Arts and other award-winning Jewish architect Frank Gehry now lives in Los Angeles, USA. The architectural style he built, even if it is a private residence, will become the biggest attraction for tourists! Frank Gehry recently reinvented the Education and Research Center at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia to make this stunning and stunning squashed brown paper bag! The so-called squashed brown paper bag is the kind of wrinkled bodyless paper bag! Here, a total of 320,000 custom-designed bricks are used to create a curved and natural appearance, which is also referred to as “the...