Delicious deals in the old bank: from butchers, kitchens to cafeterias, Kantýna, Prague


The ancient, beautiful and colorful, the Czech capital, Prague, has a different style in everyone's eyes; however, only its unique medieval atmosphere is the romance that makes all travellers fascinated and deeply intoxicated. The background is also a precious face of the Czech government and the private sector. Ambiente, a food and beverage group that has run many well-known restaurants, recently remodeled a 19th-century old bank, and preserved its history while injecting modern design and composite concepts into a modern and quaint "Kantýna" restaurant. . In order to preserve the original medieval beauty of the building, the architect Rudolf Netík made the original Art Nouveau style and the marble interior with minimal adjustment and maximum storage; preserved the original historical aesthetics of the space. In addition, it also contains works of art that existed in it, such as the sculptures of Jan Štursa. In the architectural design, it is the first to establish the foundation of new and old blending, and then inject modern details into the interior of the restaurant, and customize and simplify the furniture lighting in the space, not only does not interfere with the original style of the building, but also has a more trendy design. In addition, the open kitchen transparently processes all the preparations and reverses the role of the waiter, as if each meal is served by the chef himself. The existence of the restaurant itself is not unusual. Kantýna is unique in that the founding team Ambiente wants to reverse the function and impression of the “restaurant” itself, and instead adopt a one-stop composite service; from the butcher shop, canteen, to steak restaurant, The three-point world is connected to each other in a way that gives the restaurant a new definition. Imagine that when the butcher and the chef are only one step away, the fresh meat can be instantly supplied to the kitchen; when the restaurant opens the kitchen door and welcomes the hackers next to it, you will know exactly where the meat in your mouth comes from. And the relatives of the food cooking process - taste buds will also get more than the delicious peace of mind and trust. It is worth mentioning that in order to make this success reversing the retro impression and translating into a contemporary design brand, the local people are deeply impressed. The design of the main LOGO also uses geometric lines to create the shape of the bone and lay the foundation. The iconic vision of the restaurant sparkles in harmony with the old-fashioned look of the old bank. The restaurant opened its doors, as if the transformation of the Kantýna restaurant was officially completed, and the old man was expected to come to the door. Kantýna Politických vězňů 1511/5, Prague Opening Hours: Mon-Fri/ 10:00 am-11:00 pm Sat-Sun/ 11:30 am-11:00 pm Image Sources: Kantyna Facebook & Wallpaper. Join Polysh Facebook Read Now The latest and interesting city and lifestyle articles.