La Mercerie

A mash-up guide to modern life with a space experience as a language: Roman & Williams GUILD


Tired of the concept store that is like copying and pasting, the more and more similar space and style; when you walk in the mall or the street, full of minimalist or industrial style, selling similar styles and choices, gradually can not tell For each brand, "What is the taste of a store?" - Asking, thinking about the existence and necessity of physical stores in the Internet age. This kind of questioning is not only in the minds of consumers and me, but also Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, two heads of New York architecture/interior design team Roman and Williams, who have repeatedly asked themselves in recent years. At the end of last year (2017), the couple's "Roman & Williams GUILD" opened in Soho, New York, may be seen as a response and reflection on this question. With more than 7,000 square feet of GUIDE, it's not hard to imagine the difficulty of managing a large space; Robin and Stephen combine multi-dimensional logic to house furniture boutiques, restaurants, flower shops and the Phaidon Art Library. The details of the objects, from exquisite glassware, modern furniture, antique treasures to food utensils, even without a specific style of mix and match, it is not difficult to see the two people's vision of a better life. "I like the words and thoughts of dialogue between objects; that is the language that enhances our day-to-day life and shapes a story for these pieces... When I put it into it, I don't even know "design" What is it, but the connection between them. It is the symphony of everything in a space, like a symphony." - Robin Standefer starts with architecture and space, Robin and Stephen lead Roman and Williams, It has long been a well-known design team in New York; from the hotel Ace New York, South Africa Island GREYDON HOUSE, New York famous restaurants Lafayette and Le Coucou, the two ingeniously blend the history and modern beauty of the building itself, in restaurants, restaurants and product design In terms of consistency, we have consistently found a balance between rigor and rebellion, the past and the future, won many awards and received international attention, laying a solid foundation. And GUILD is the result of years of experience, and effortlessly Robin and Stephen...