The Clumsies Bar in Athens: a dream of two bartending champions


"Micro-small" is the reaction of the chemical substance ethanol after the body chemical action after drinking a mouthful of alcohol. The brain will enter the state of excitement and make people feel dizzy in the process of metabolizing ethanol to acetic acid; but if you use the scientific method, the effect of the skin on the body is indeed contrary to the life brought by alcohol. Feelings. If you use the right amount of money to understand the wisdom of alcohol fermentation; even the freshly decaying sweet fruit also contains alcohol, then after drinking a well-designed special cocktail, you will have a mood change, excitement, and carnival, why? Not a great enjoyment in life. Athens, 8 km from the Aegean Sea, is surrounded by many famous philosophers, writers and politicians, and the famous Greek mythology is also fermented over time. This is an old town suitable for letting imagination and tasting a "slightly" and telling the story of life. Find a spiritual and emotional redemption for a boring life. On the Praxitelous Street in Athens, The Clumsies is named after the “Best Bar in the World”; the retro-aged tonality is experimental and elegant, both elegant and impulsive – when you drink into your throat Before the delicious and delicious, its wine-drinking method has a little bit of fun. Back in 2012, the two World Wine Classes Vassilis Kyritsis (2012 Greek Bartender World Champion) and Nikos Bakoulis (2011 Greek Bartender World Class Champion) met in the same bar; they shared each other Recognizing the identity of the bartender, I believe that a good bartender should not only choose an impeccable formula, but also connect the guests with drinks. After a few years of experimentation, they worked with several other partners to create The Clumsies. The Clumsies are hidden in neoclassical architecture in 1903, but far beyond the imagination of a modern gentleman's club. In the Clumsies space created by the Nine Design design team, some of the paved wooden floors and natural light of the bath are warm tones. The wall cabinets are covered with various wine glasses and drinks; each room has its own style: The old-fashioned library lamp holder, the mysterious neon cloister, the café-like comfortable seating area, the corner of the bed where people can "lie down and drink", and the old apartment in the movie, with a billiard ball. Retro home cubicle with table. For Nikos and Vassilis, the contact with alcoholic people is an important part of their work, and the fun of interaction is reflected in the design of the winemaking process. The classic list of bartending is a wooden box filled with a variety of fragrant glass mason jars, and the alcoholic can guess the desired bartending by smelling the smell. Last year, The Clumsies also developed a new order – dividing the drink into “past,” “now,” and “future.” In a wit game like a board game, alcoholics should not just drink, but also drink. Before the little brains! Reminiscent of the story of Dionysus, the god of wine in Greek mythology, He has the power of intoxication, allowing people to enjoy the carefree moments of life, but also let people fall apart from the sacred; protect the Greek agriculture, drama Culture gives the world joy and happiness. The Clumsies enjoys their enjoyment and enjoyment. The alcoholic travels through the rooms and listens to jazz swings while sipping a world-class drink. I believe the story in the bar must be beyond the slightest; perhaps for local drinkers, This is a small wine god festival in life, full of emotions and brains of a dream. The...