Delicious deals in the old bank: from butchers, kitchens to cafeterias, Kantýna, Prague


The ancient, beautiful and colorful, the Czech capital, Prague, has a different style in everyone's eyes; however, only its unique medieval atmosphere is the romance that makes all travellers fascinated and deeply intoxicated. The background is also a precious face of the Czech government and the private sector. Ambiente, a food and beverage group that has run many well-known restaurants, recently remodeled a 19th-century old bank, and preserved its history while injecting modern design and composite concepts into a modern and quaint "Kantýna" restaurant. . In order to preserve the original medieval beauty of the building, the architect Rudolf Netík made the original Art Nouveau style and the marble interior with minimal adjustment and maximum storage; preserved the original historical aesthetics of the space. In addition, it also contains works of art that existed in it, such as the sculptures of Jan Štursa. In the architectural design, it is the first to establish the foundation of new and old blending, and then inject modern details into the interior of the restaurant, and customize and simplify the furniture lighting in the space, not only does not interfere with the original style of the building, but also has a more trendy design. In addition, the open kitchen transparently processes all the preparations and reverses the role of the waiter, as if each meal is served by the chef himself. The existence of the restaurant itself is not unusual. Kantýna is unique in that the founding team Ambiente wants to reverse the function and impression of the “restaurant” itself, and instead adopt a one-stop composite service; from the butcher shop, canteen, to steak restaurant, The three-point world is connected to each other in a way that gives the restaurant a new definition. Imagine that when the butcher and the chef are only one step away, the fresh meat can be instantly supplied to the kitchen; when the restaurant opens the kitchen door and welcomes the hackers next to it, you will know exactly where the meat in your mouth comes from. And the relatives of the food cooking process - taste buds will also get more than the delicious peace of mind and trust. It is worth mentioning that in order to make this success reversing the retro impression and translating into a contemporary design brand, the local people are deeply impressed. The design of the main LOGO also uses geometric lines to create the shape of the bone and lay the foundation. The iconic vision of the restaurant sparkles in harmony with the old-fashioned look of the old bank. The restaurant opened its doors, as if the transformation of the Kantýna restaurant was officially completed, and the old man was expected to come to the door. Kantýna Politických vězňů 1511/5, Prague Opening Hours: Mon-Fri/ 10:00 am-11:00 pm Sat-Sun/ 11:30 am-11:00 pm Image Sources: Kantyna Facebook & Wallpaper. Join Polysh Facebook Read Now The latest and interesting city and lifestyle articles.

Mushroom House in Orchard: Prague House in an Orchard


Like a mushroom-like appearance, this peculiar hut built on a forest surrounded by trees is particularly eye-catching in the northern suburbs of Prague, dominated by brick red roofs. As a home for everyday families, this house in an Orchard cleverly inhabits the embrace of six large trees and offers views of the Rokytka Valley. The architectural team of the Czech Republic, Šépka Architects, uniquely depicts architectural images that combine natural landscapes. The circular basement is covered on the slopes, about one and a half stories above the ground, as if it were rooted in the earth, and the umbrellas are used to protect the soil. The southern wall is planned as a square, with a wide view of the windows and doors to enjoy the four seasons of Prague. Looking far away from this fairytale mushroom-like building, it seems to float on the slopes. In fact, the architecture of this fairy-tale house is indeed not close to the ground. The construction of the "Orchard House" is very difficult. The main body of the building is nearly one and a half floor away from the ground. The connection between the main body and the ground is supported by a concrete pillar alone. In order to overcome difficult work, the appearance of the entire building is chosen from concrete to ensure its stability and safety. In addition, the side of the house is also equipped with steel passages, which together with the concrete structure as a support for the support, and also make the external connection of the house more convenient. From the appearance of light gray to metal and the futuristic appearance, you may think that the "house of orchards" is made entirely of concrete and metal. However, the interior of the house is actually made of wood. When you open the door and enter the room, you can feel the warmth of the wood building through visual or smell, and you can imagine the warmth of family life. The house is divided into three floors, supported by wooden stairs, which are divided into living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms to provide the daily needs of the family. The living room facing the north has a large round window, combined with the design of the skylight on the top floor of the building, making it bright and clear all year round. The bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are located on the square side. The building team uses irregular spaces to divide into triangles and birch plywood to make compartments that distinguish different living areas. The choice of interiors is dominated by black and white, and a large number of geometrically filled furniture adds a touch of modernity to the house. When it comes to Prague, what may be in people's minds is the astronomical clock in the square, the Charles Bridge across the Vltava River, or the typical red-roofed houses in Central Europe. Just half an hour's drive from downtown, this mushroom-like orchard house is like turning a forest hut in a fairy tale into reality, adding more colorful and dreamy imaginations to Prague. Photography/ Tomáš Malý All Images via Šépka Architects. Join Polysh Facebook to read the latest and interesting architectural and design articles.

城市就是我的畫布:英國現實主義畫家 Nathan Walsh

The city is my canvas: British realist painter Nathan Walsh


what? Is this just a photo of the popular spots that every traveler will take in New York, Paris or Barcelona? What is special? If you are thinking about these thoughts in your heart, then please take a closer look at these pictures. In fact, they are not taken by the camera lens, but by the British realist painter Nathan Walsh. Drawn, the realistic level is really amazing! In order to complete such a painting that is comparable to a real city landscape, Times Square in New York can be sloppy. First of all, in order to draw every detail in the real world, Nathan Walsh must stay in the same place for a long time, take at least 100 different angles of the photo, and then draw the real scene to the canvas through the geometric composition. On, it shows the amazing realism as if you were there. Also, because the creation process of each painting is complicated, some paintings even sell for as high as nearly 130,000 US dollars. As for where his inspiration comes from? According to the report, he said: "Before I visited a city, I tend to let myself have no idea about painting. I just walked in the city and waited for the moment of inspiration." New York Flatiron Building, Little Russia 59 st bridge Central Camera Company Raining Chicago New York Chicago APPLE Rockefeller Center Queensboro Bridge New York LLOYDS VERTICAL German Parliament Building Carousel - Paris evening Paris Sicilian Avenue Verona - Italy Barcelona Prague Jerusalem Nathan Walsh works because of its delicate The real brushstrokes have been invited to be exhibited in the United States, Zurich and London. He personally hopes to successfully launch a solo exhibition in October 2016, when he hopes that his new works will appear in the public with a more mature appearance. . As Nathan Walsh's momentum rises, I believe there will be more opportunities to see his amazing "photorealism" style paintings. Images...

布拉格的白色迷你公寓:設計師 Anton Medvedev 巧手拓展小空間

White Mini Apartment in Prague: Designer Anton Medvedev opens up small spaces


The industrial design of the interior has become a trend in recent years. However, in a small space, if there is no precise planning, the rough industrial style tends to be cluttered and crowded. This mini-studio in the heart of Prague is proud of the interior designer of Ukraine, Anton Medvedev. The color of the space dominated by white makes the small room visually expand a lot. Incorporating a touch of industrial style with lines and lines, adding a homeowner's personality in a simple and elegant setting. It fades away from the rough and unruly feeling, and has a natural and simple temperament. In the pattern of Founder, the wooden mosaic floor that preserves the sense of simplicity is introduced. The sun shines into the interior from the two large floor-to-ceiling windows in the kitchen and living room, and the clean tones create a comfortable and bright atmosphere that visually frees up the impression of a small space. The silver-gray metal bracket double-decker dining table in the kitchen brings out the main lines, which echoes the frame of the lampshade and the window. It is both the decorative focus and the practicality of storage. Different shades of white brush on the brick wall and floor, interspersed with the same color, different materials of furniture, decorated with green plants, striped pillows and warm wood, which wash the old quality to bring out the layering of life. A grid of floor-to-ceiling windows is inserted into the long walkway, and the hanging space is used to distinguish the private space of the bedroom in the living room. Pull up the curtain of the bedroom, open the projector directly above the bed, and the bedroom is a super mini private cinema! The narrow bathroom also expands the space vision on a white base; the round light bulbs set on the mirrored wooden frame have a retro nostalgic charm. Exposed metal lines and brackets provide a simple line of industrial wind. Maybe you will wonder, this space obviously doesn't look too small! Take a look at the floor plan below and you can see how Anton Medvedev visually expands the real landscape. Not only does it look broader than the actual one, but it also overturns the icy feeling of the light white tone space, and mixes the old and new materials to create a simple and comfortable home space without losing the details. Interested friends can see more of his work on the website of Anton Medvedev. Image source: Anton Medvedev