European style + unrestrained American-style mixed-race house in the old-fashioned building in London's downtown area by Florence and Roma

Faced with the era of declining birthrate, it is indeed a great test for many families to raise children and at the same time take into account the relationship between husband and wife. Especially in the case of a double-paying family, these are inevitable situations, and the working form of Asians is more than The long working hours range unique to countries such as Europe and the United States is nothing more than aggravating. The so-called nine-to-five seems to be a practice for some people who are occasionally applying Xiaohui!

However, in addition to these relative objective factors, there are still many subjective factors that can change with your mind. Even if you stay at home for a short time, if you can create a comfortable and warm corner, I believe that no matter how dirty. A bad pig's nest or kennel, the moment you punch in to work, you should be rushing home.


And this two-story building in Oxford Circus may be completely different from the English-style homes that have a small backyard or vestibule. The owners, Florence and Roma, are a couple of very good-natured couples. For the lovely daughter, in the big apple capital that has been exposed in American style - New York and the fashion capital full of elegant and quiet atmosphere - Milan, after a short stay in two cities, moved to London in the past few years, immediately liked I went to the residence that was originally an old building. After I set out to transform into an ideal loft style, I turned my back on the style of European style and unrestrained American style. So this tower stands in the center of London. The mixed-use building has been formed.

Perhaps intimate with the owner's favorite challenge and observant personality, he opened the Bubble lounges restaurant in New York, as well as a co-organizer of the French children's fashion and lifestyle magazine Milk Magazine, and his own blog site Pirouette. It can be seen that the high-quality family life carefully created by the two couples not only has a great impact on their psychological level, but also draws a lot of inspiration and creation from the life of many fragments, and then bets on the work field and becomes life and A life artist who combines two minds into one.










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