Huge wooden box with red wine: La Parra Club, Argentina

Often people who say that they like wine tasting, many people will suffer from "cork stoppers", which are literally very easy to understand, that is, non-cork stoppers do not drink - this view For the departure, it is not difficult to understand why Epífita ArchitectsIn Buenos Aires, Argentina, a pub, La Parra Winery, is built with synthetic wood. It looks like a big wooden box at a distance, and it evokes the texture of the cork. In line with the taste of wine tasting, designer Francisco Sambrizzi uses this wall to combine display and access space, which not only makes a very impressive impression at first glance, but also fits Epífita Architect's long-standing design philosophy - "Use Urban landscape as a support, minimize the transformation and use of space."








In order to make the original small space a new bar, economical and affordable materials have become the first choice for architects. A large number of wood and wooden frames are not only to prevent the deterioration of the wine caused by moisture, but also to reverse The icy feel of the glass bottle adds warm wooden texture to create a warm pub atmosphere. In addition, the galvanized plate holder and the soft lighting of the bottle are contrasted and have a unique feeling.








From the outside, La Parra Winery is like a box of wine-filled wooden boxes. Every time you open a store, you can reconfigure the display of the wine through your own creativity. In other words, every time you open a store, it’s for the customer. A brand new experience. If you are also a part of a wine drinker, you will have the opportunity to visit here next time, but don't forget to take the time to sit up and add a wine-filled memory.


La Parra Club
Ciudad de la Paz 596, CABA 1426 Argentina
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri/ 11:30 am-03:00 pm, 05:00 pm-09:00 pm
Sat/ 11:30 am-01:30 pm, 05:00 pm-09:00 pm


All Images via Epífita.


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