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What is the circus?


Throwing out this problem, everyone will have a variety of pictures in their minds, red nose clowns, somersaults, throwing objects, rolling crystal balls, or balancing and tumbling acrobatics, etc... all sorts of juggling that challenge the limits of the human body, or I believe that the first one that comes to mind in more people’s minds is the Cirque du Soleil. However, there is no circus in Taiwan. Apart from the street performers and the juggling and circus programs that occasionally come out of the festival, the circus is like a picture in the imagination and the movie. It is far away.


However, it is not enough to personally try to break into the Cirque du Soleil. It took six years to advance the campus and corporate speech, trying to provoke people's enthusiasm and courage, and traveled all over Europe to street art festivals and juggling conferences, hippie-like. Go deep into the circus camp and wait for the night to peep out of the tent and talk to the best juggling players in Europe. Now, as the performers, the two decided to change their status as curators, and brought these masters to Taiwan in one go, because... "The good things can't be seen only!"


PhotoByChangChihCHEN(陳長志) 000


Chen Xinghe, who has been cultivating for many years, and Jiang Yanlun, the dancer of the dance theater, have been the performers for many years and have also participated in the world to participate in the art festival. Over the years, Chen Xinghe has traveled to businesses and campuses to share his experiences and bring enthusiasm and courage. However, he is not satisfied with the current situation at all, but also because he sees more, speaks more, and has more experience. He feels that he needs to do something to help the public open the senses and let the beautiful things go in.


Therefore, as performers, they took on a difficult task this year. In this year’s 2016 Weiwuying Art Festival in Kaohsiung, this circus platform was planned and invited a circus juggler to Taiwan. In the way of workshops and performances, we must stir up a pool of spring water, awaken everyone's body and bring a new vision. This time, the two will tell you that this "circus festival by the circus" is not only true, but also really different!


Juggling Battle
In June of this year, the two men launched the Juggling Battle at the West Gate Woolloomooloo, and they accidentally attracted many good players.
European Juggling Conference in Almere, The Netherlands


. Why is "Performer Chen Xinghe" not performing, and should I change to plan the circus platform?


Xinghe: I have been sharing the passion of Cirque du Soleil in the past six years, inspiring the enthusiasm of the audience in each speech, and letting them re-challenge their courage; but the frequent speech invitations also made me discover that I only repeat the consumption. I have been to the Cirrus of the Cirque du Soleil, but the real one stopped creating new things.

"If the egg tower can survive, we will go to sell the egg tower." Our education tells us that the purpose of study and work is to survive. I grew up in such an education. The school told me that I had to rely on performances and creations to live, so I didn’t create and perform at the time, and suddenly I was at a loss. However, I have forgotten that making money by speaking is also a way of living. If you turn a little bit to think about it, life will not have only one way or one direction.



Later, I continued to run away, chatting and communicating with different people, and began to think. As a performer, can I only perform and create? The performer uses the body to convey the message, and the speaker also uses the words to convey the message. That being the case, I think I can also try to be a curator, invite good performances, and pass them on to the public in an activity, so that more people can see and experience those that I have seen and felt with my own eyes. Shocked.



. What message do you want to pass? Or, what new vision is brought to everyone?


Xinghe: Most people focus their lives on work and support themselves. Stress makes us stop feeling things around us like a robot. I open my senses and touch people from machines to jokes. So this time we bring these artists together, that is, to give everyone a chance to open the senses, and to share the good things I have experienced.


Lun Lun: In the process of our visit to the world, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to see and witness the performances of these masters, and even have a close chat with them, practice and live together. This time we have the opportunity to invite them to Taiwan. The same good people from all over Asia are excited to tell us that they have already bought a ticket to come to the pilgrimage! How can we miss it in Taiwan?



. What do you think of the European Circus Festival that you see?


Karen: We have been to the European Juggling Convention (EJC) for several years. It is hosted by different cities every year. Xinghe went to Toulouse in France in 2013. Last year we went to Brunico in Italy. This year, in Almere, the Netherlands. They will find a large venue, a camped camp, a camper van, a dining area, and a variety of performance tents, as well as a public performance area. I used to be like everyone else. I felt that camping was so stupid and tired. We stayed at Airbnb. We went home to sleep before 12 o'clock and went to the venue to watch the show early in the morning. But this year we chose camping, but unexpectedly found that super. level. it is good. play! It turns out that the tents have the opportunity to be immersed in the world of circus for 24 hours. If it is a heavy lover, it will definitely fall in love with the tent.




Stars: Yes, the original masters are all appearing at night, and the daytime is only part of it; after midnight, the masters of all parties will appear one after another. If you drill a tent, you can join or watch awesome performances, drink a beer and chat. In the day, you can exchange ideas with masters and learn juggling skills. They are very friendly and easygoing from all over the world. This is the real exchange!


Lun Lun: From then on, we will learn to eat, prefer to sleep a little during the day, but also to retain the spirit to join everyone to play at night. In addition, we also went to the conference to see the progress of the next host city report and vote for the host city next year. The representatives of the countries in the organization are spontaneous, all true circus enthusiasts or performers, and therefore can bring all the great circus performances to all the towns and cities in Europe, and also bring the audience and tourists to the past.





. What is the difference between a European audience and a Taiwanese audience?


Xinghe: Strictly speaking, the audience does not distinguish between Taiwan and foreign countries. People are attracted by fun, good-looking and beautiful things. In the past, those who believed that the European audience was better than the Taiwanese audience were actually wrong and stereotyped. impression.

We have seen it in Austria, no matter what, super surprised, like the first time to see the performance as surprised as the super-support audience. Or go to the European juggling conference held by Brunico, the Italian town where almost no one will go. The whole city is full of jolly and performances, and it also brings a lot of tourists, and what kind of audience.




Karen: I am deeply impressed by the Linz Pflasterspektakel in Austria. In just one weekend, thousands of performances take place every day on the street. You will see your parents playing with children. Participate, like an artist put a pile of water pipes on the ground, let the children try to connect the water pipes together, let the ball roll from it, or let the water flow farther. The child sits on the mud on the grass and grabs it. Even eating the soil, but parents do not care at all, but happy to help them take pictures and play, which is unlikely to happen in Taiwan.




Therefore, we specially choose street art festivals, which are different from ordinary art festivals. The street not only tests the performance of the performers, but also attracts a wide variety of audiences. It seems to be a rapid promotion of the tourism industry and the promotion of urban marketing. Awesome way.


. In the program of the Weiwuying Art Festival Circus Platform, is there any special recommendation for "must see"?


☞ For the general audience and circus enthusiasts


French vaudeville "Les Mangeurs de Lapin": For the 2013 and 2014 Avignon Peripheral Arts Festival performance team, and won the audience vote. With three performers and a live performance, the ingenious arrangement of the classic elements of the circus performance: juggling, magic, cartilage, flying trapeze, and even animal performances in the form of a couple, skill is also good at the audience Interaction is a circus performance that is always lively and lively.


Les Mangeurs de Lapin
French vaudeville "Les Mangeurs de Lapin", three performers and a live performance, through the clever arrangement of the classic elements of the circus performance: juggling, magic, cartilage, trapeze, and fucking Even form of animal performance.

Star Circus Show:From the FMCD French Tomorrow Circus Festival, EJC European Juggling Conference, 9 international circus performers from six countries, and 15 circus performers gathered to share their skills and let everyone experience the charm of circus juggling. .


Jacob Sharpe, an American, one of the world's most talented ring-selling performers, was selected as one of the world's top 40 vaudeville performers in 2015. He has joined the Canadian Seven Fingers Circus and is now traveling around the world in circus exchanges and festivals.


☞ To the circus player


Advanced Circus Workshop:We have found international masters and invited circus players to bring their own works and skills. Like the Cie Happy Face at the Lido Circus School in France, as long as you come with a complete circus performance, the two teachers will consult on the performance. Ikeda Yosuke of Japan directed the design work for performers with street or theater performances. There are also famous juggling masters such as Gon Fernández, Svetlana Tsarkova and Mieke Lizotte, which provide advanced juggling skills and exchanges.


Gon Fernandez
Gon Fernández, graduated from the Circus School of Tulu, France, and the juggling props Ring circle, the juggling circle shows a new look in his manipulation.
Circus legend Peter Shub.
Mieke Lizotte
Mieke Lizotte, an Australian, specializes in cartilage, combined with hula hoops and handstands, claims to be Miss Hulala.


In June of this year, a spontaneous Juggling Battle attracted many fans. From 10/28 to 10/30, the circus platform at the Weiwuying Art Festival not only invited the masters to come, but also invited performances. Whether you are a circus player, a circus enthusiast, or a curious person, you can miss this opportunity to get in touch with you recently!


Juggling Battle
In June of this year, the two men launched the Juggling Battle at the West Gate Woolloomooloo, and they accidentally attracted many good players.


2016 Weiwuying Art Festival Circus Platform
Wei Wuying plans to circulate a rare circus event in Taiwan - the circus platform, which is the communication platform for circus workers and their performance stage! It not only invites international clown master Peter Shub to bring brilliant performances and professional workshops, but also gathers circus workers from all over the world to make all the stops, plan street performances, people experience and many other activities. This is a lively performing arts, creating you to stay in the world. The super high experience among laughter and applause!
October 28 - 30, 2016


All Image Courtesy of Chen Xinghe, Jiang Yulun.


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