Enjoy a ham sandwich on a bicycle chair: Barcelona on Ham on Wheels

The white wall is carved out of the old stone wall texture, and the light yellow bricks become the color of the totem on the wall. A pig riding a bicycle faces the street and greetings with each other. The Harm on is located in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Wheels, which sells ham, Catalan Coca bread and combines local cycling culture, can also enjoy local culture while enjoying the food. design team External Reference Architects Explain: "The most delicious ham must be from the happiest pig. We imagine it is free to shuttle in Barcelona, ​​and this scene is carved into the wall to become a unique mural."


Ham on Wheels_6
Image Source: Archdaily
Ham on Wheels
Image Source: Archdaily
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Image Source: Archdaily

The warm yellow tone of the Spanish architecture, the old and detailed architectural appearance with the black window frame of the new fallen window, the black and yellow fragrant road sign reverses the concept of indoor and outdoor, bringing the elements of the street street into the restaurant, and the guests The seat is a bicycle and parked in its own parking space. Walk along the famous road for Bike Lane. You can find the restroom on the ground or return to your parking space across the zebra crossing. This design adds a bit of fun to the restaurant line, even if the space is small. Not inferior.


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Image Source: Archdaily
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Image Source: Archdaily
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Image Source: Archdaily & Designboom

The ham wrapped in the ceiling is wrapped in different colors, patterns, slogans, etc., and the design marks on the ground look at each other. The three-dimensional design of the ceiling adds layering to the space and becomes the most eye-catching vocabulary in the whole space. From the patchwork to create the most alternative lighting design. The red tomato on the wall is made up of a can of hexagonal glass jar lock. Glass jars in Spain are often used to store tomatoes. It is also a very important traditional cuisine in Spain. The three-dimensional arrangement of glass jars and different color stitching The appearance of the tomato from different angles, the mosaic mural-like works make the space of the yellow-black tone brighter.


Ham on Wheels_10
Image Source: Archdaily
Ham on Wheels_02
Image Source: Archdaily & Designboom
Ham on Wheels_04
Image Source: Designboom & Archdaily

Spain's gorgeous colors and enthusiasm for cultural attractions have attracted tourists from all over the world. The impressions of bullfighting, the subversive tradition of Gaudí's architecture, the delicious Southern European cuisine, etc., all kinds of unique ideas and unexpected ideas. Every corner of the city happens, like Harm on Wheels, who can think of the food that can be enjoyed at the same time above the bicycle!


Photography/ Lorenzo Patuzzo.
Image Source: Archdaily & Designboom.


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