Drink a cup of cream rum in a Moroccan camp: London winter limited, Queen of Hoxton Moroccan rooftop bar

When it comes to Christmas in Europe, the length of the holiday from December to January not only spans most of the winter, Christmas decorations, markets, celebrations, etc., but also the winter vision of Europe at this time; At the same time, this time is also a good time for a variety of seasonal flash events. The cold winter wind and the short daylight may be due to the long darkness in the scenery and the mood, so people need to ignite some warm sparks.



Located in the North End of London, close to the famous Brick Lane Market, between the commercial office buildings, famous for its rooftop bars and cinemas. Queen of HoxtonIt is the place where the party in this district is celebrating the excitement. Taking advantage of this year's Christmas holiday, the store will make the roof a fast-moving bar in the style of the ancient city of Morocco; the main winter limit, from the beginning of Christmas to March 2018, with food, shisha and well-built camp seats, plus The theme night of the 3rd and 5th is full of exotic Moroccan style for the visitors!






The Queen of Hoxton winter theme is inspired by the southwestern part of Morocco, Marrakesh, known as the "hometown of God". The store is equipped with large tents on the roof, and the strong North African style is coming in moments when entering the tent. named"The theme bar at THE MOROCCAN MEDINA,The distinctive arches are interspersed with landscaping lights of different sizes and fairy tales - at a glance, you will be in Marrakech as if you were leaving the cold winds of London. The large outdoor bar offers an endless stream of wine, whether it's a North African style bartender or a wintery creamy rum, warming everyone's heart and taste buds in the cold. Inside the tent, the simple stools and sofas are scattered. The Moroccan totem carpet is the softest and warmest greeting. If you have a cup of wine and find a comfortable place, you can relax and chat with your friends.








In addition to drinking and gatherings, the Queen's rooftop bar also offers a variety of theme nights, from comedy, story nights of the Arabian Nights, Henna Tattoo in India, to the famous leathers of Morocco. Shoemaking workshops, etc., let every soul in this city, which is so windy and lonely, come to the roof of the ancient city of Morocco on a cold winter night, gather here, and come to the warm baptism of exotic customs.




If you come to London in the winter, visit the Queen of Hoxton, sip a cup of cream rum, take a shisha, roast and freeze your hands, and feel the contrasting romance of the British style and the feelings of North Africa.


Queen of Hoxton
1 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3JX
Opening Hours: Mon-Wed/ 04:00 pm-00:00 am
Thu-Sat/ 04:00 pm-02:00 am
Sun/ 02:00 pm-10:00 pm
T: +44-20-7422-0958


All Images Courtesy of Queen of Hoxton.


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