The art of the former erotic cinema: Madrid Sala Equis, from focusing on eroticism to showing new horizons in life

There is a kind of love. "Before I haven't fallen in love with you, you have already fallen in love with me." With such a romantic happiness, walking in a row of colorful houses in the blue sky of Madrid's hot sun On the streets around you, when you met Sala EquisThe long-lasting and cherished love of love seems to emerge from this building; the bricks and tiles have been engraved with the smell of wind and frost until this ancient building meets five young people.

From 1913 to the next 20 years, the building was stationed as El Imparcial until the early 20th century, the neoclassical building and courtyard reincarnation became Duque De Alba Cinema; after the mid-1980s, it was transformed from a Hollywood classic to an art and adult film; until 2015, it was the last erotic theatre in Madrid. Despite several threats of being demolished, this last adult adult cinema in Madrid survived the glory days, accompanied the local people to spend the same time, and expressed the passions accumulated in the 30-year period. His own historical and cultural values.

The third rebirth, this old building met the right people in the right time, together with a new and old love song. In order to revitalize the old buildings, they can preserve the historical significance of the past. Five young people from different fields, with their own professions and ideas, Daniel Fernández Cañadas, Laura Suárez, Cristina Rodríguez, Marie Jennings Camissa and Nacho de Padrón, a group of creative groups that assemble journalists, political scientists and restaurant operators. They and the design team Plantea Estudio Together, they reinvented and transformed the abandoned cinema into a functional and vibrant social complex.

Pass through the lobby on the first floor, such as the walkway, and browse the tickets containing all the movies, concerts, and exhibitions in "Taquilla", popcorn and drinks in the barrel, walk to the atrium "SALA PLAZA", and be spacious and bright. Shocked. In the past, it was Duque de Alba's outdoor theater. The circular seating area can accommodate up to 300 people. In addition to watching live performances, it is also a place for social and drinking.

The vines that climbed up the wall and the gaze fell to the top of the steel frame. The architect, based on his original use, designed a large skylight to shed a natural light during the day; facing the projection screen, surrounded by the surrounding Beach chairs and cushions, a childlike swing descending from the roof, and uncompromisingly contrasting with the mottled walls. The calmness of the old building embraces a new laid-back atmosphere, and satisfies Sala Equis's relaxed and natural character.

The original film screening hall is now used to showcase independent films and art films, continuing the erotic atmosphere of the predecessor's adult theater. A total of 55 seats of auditorium, with a gorgeous enchanting crimson velvet and brown round table for People enjoy a refreshment while enjoying a refreshing experience in the gorgeous but lazy space. In addition, there is no thought in the corridor connecting the space. There is a cocktail bar and the same texture of dark velvet. In each building, the original corner of the railing and the tiles that are stepped on each step lead the visitors to one place. The elegant corner of the comfortable nest, the slightly decadent space is full of charm and retro style.

As a century-old building, Sala Equis re-enacts the horn in the contemporary with a confident and flattering attitude, calling for art, culture and food to come together and become the most sexy and charming art salon in Madrid. Her particularity and independence connect the past leisure culture space to the modern, faintly separate the boundaries between herself and the fast-food shopping malls, and take a valuable space that seems to have been deprived and can be stopped for a long time. Still in the public.

Sala Equis
Duque de Alba Street, 4 Madrid 28012
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu/ 12:00 pm-01:30 am
Fri/ 12:00 pm-02:00 am
Sat/ 11:00 am-02:00 am
Sun/ 10:00 am-01:30 am

Photography/ Lucia Marcano.
All images courtesy of Sala Equis.

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