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The exotic environment that these high fashion shows have visited may be your next destination.


Some time ago, on your social media, was there a new series released by Louis Vuitton at the Kyoto Museum, or a Western style fashion show that Dior played in the California wilderness? After the fashion Hitachi turned to May, major brands began to release the early spring series. This season series was originally created to cater to the needs of the rich winter holiday purchases. Therefore, it is also possible to simply call "cruise" (resort) and "resort" (holiday) instead of the "spring / fall" season nomenclature. series. Compared with the spring, summer, autumn and winter fashions held in New York, London, Paris and Milan, there are no restrictions on the location of the early spring series. The show will usually choose an exotic destination that is commensurate with the name and theme. The ground is often more exciting. When the designer's vision breaks out of the conventional site, the modern time is installed in the magnificent environment and architecture, which will produce a more powerful visual force. From Kyoto, Japan, Havana, Cuba, to Dunhuang, China, this year, we will reverse the chronological order and look back at the magnificent and amazing fashion shows in the past season. 1. LOUIS VUITTON 2018 Early Spring Collection Meixiu Museum, Kyoto Under the leadership of the creative director of the building, Nicolas Ghesquière, LOUIS VUITTON's early spring collections each year select a contemporary architectural masterpiece for release. This year, LOUIS VUITTON was selected at the Miho Museum near Kyoto, Japan. It is also the first time this French brand has set the early spring show in Asia. Established in 1997, the Meixiu Museum is a private museum funded by the Japanese textile giant Toyobo Yarns, the founder of Toyo Spinning Yarn Co., Ltd., to store the artworks and antiques of Mt. However, compared with the collection, the entire building of the museum is more unique. The designer is the well-known American Chinese architect Bei Yuming who has just finished his 100th birthday. (I don't know who he is? The glass pyramid of the Louvre is his famous work. one). The architecture of the Meixiu Museum is inspired by Tao Yuanming's "Peach Blossom Spring", which is hidden in the mountains of Shiga Prefecture in the east of Kyoto. Nearly 80% of the structure is hidden below the ground. "The grass is delicious and colorful." Only after passing through a metal tunnel and a suspended bridge can the visitors be able to enter the pavilion; during the cherry blossom season, the metal tunnel will become a pink, as if it is really the entrance to the paradise. This is the most spectacular and fascinating part of the Miu Xiu Museum - LOUIS VUITTON's early spring series of 1000 meters of T-Taiwan is at the entrance of the museum. ...

重現戰後 40 年代女性的優雅姿態:Jamie Wei Huang  2016 秋冬系列

Reappearing the elegant posture of women in the post-war 40s: Jamie Wei Huang 2016 Fall Winter Collection


The world's four major fashion weeks have come to London, and designers have shown their exquisite creativity and design, bringing out the latest season 2016 autumn and winter series. Previously, Polysh's interview with the British fashion designer Huang Wei Jamie Wei Huang not only appeared on the stage of London Fashion Week, but also exhibited in the four seasons to the Parisian Louvre "Tranoi Showroom", showing Taiwan's exquisiteness to the international show. design. In this season, Huang Wei once again showed a unique female vision, and through the reorganization and splicing of fabrics and media, brought out the attitude of women in the post-war 40s. Photo Courtesy of JAMIE WEI HUANG Photo Courtesy of JAMIE WEI HUANG Photo Courtesy of JAMIE WEI HUANG This season's London Fashion Week's main venue, Brewer Street Car Park, is located in the Soho district of central London. We walked into the Show Room, which is located in the exhibition space. Take time to chat with Huang Wei and talk about the theme of this season, and unveil the Huang Wei-style design vocabulary. Photography/ Stacey Chien Photography/ Stacey Chien . What is the theme and inspiration for the 2016 Fall/Winter collection? The theme of the 2016 Fall/Winter collection is called Lily, which is developed after the war...

SS16 倫敦時裝周:TOGA 秀場聚焦

SS16 London Fashion Week: TOGA Show Focus


London Fashion Week, which is able to showcase experimental styles, always brings a refreshing experience to fashion fans. Here, many international fashion media can't wait to discover the next rookie. This time they found TOGA, but the TOGA, which was founded in Japan in 1997, was only 18 years old and attracted the attention of the international media.

SS16 倫敦時裝周:FYODOR GOLAN 秀場聚焦

SS16 London Fashion Week: FYODOR GOLAN Show Focus


FYODOR GOLAN, led by duo designer Golan Frydman and Fyodor Podgorny, may not be so familiar. The solid experience of working in the past with Alexander McQueen, Issey Miyake, Richard Nicoll and Raf Simons has become their strongest backing in design. In the beginning of the two-person group, the 2014 winter brand entered a transitional period of style transition – from the original elegant and feminine feminine to the bold and avant-garde design vocabulary. The varied materials and visually pleasing print colors gradually dominate the FYODOR GOLAN season. Even though the initial stage of the transition is not optimistic about most fashion reviews, the 2016 Spring/Summer collection can be said to have fully demonstrated the avant-garde spirit of London since the style reversal, and it is also an excellent work in this wave of style change attempts.

SS16 倫敦時裝周:Paul Smith 秀場聚焦

SS16 London Fashion Week: Paul Smith show focus


As London Fashion Week comes to an end, an exciting dynamic exhibition is warmly unfolding, with vivid colors, bold and daring prints, and visual stun of the ink, as if indulging in the mood of the painting, all the creative fantasies from Paul Smith 2016 SS fashion show. Humorous rebellion is everyone's impression of Paul Smith, but this season's convergence has a little sense of humor, focusing on online stripping, and the more eye-catching is the performance of the Fauvist style. In collaboration with the painter David Hockney, the unconventional Fauvism style was re-launched on the table, recalling the bold creation of the style founder Henri Matisse, the lines and the interesting structure.

SS16 倫敦時裝周,台灣設計師聚焦:APU JAN

SS16 London Fashion Week, Taiwan Designer Focus: APU JAN


Regardless of video, music or travel, any memory about life is the designer's inspiration for his own experience and feelings. For the travel designer, Jane, the memories of the rich story are more cohesive. After years of hardening, APU JAN brand has become more and more famous, consistently simple and elegant brand style, and stands out among many avant-garde and strong competing products. In the past, the contours of this series have been more creative than the previous ones, focusing on the light fabrics and flowers in spring and summer.

SS16 倫敦時裝周:Vivienne Westwood Red Label 秀場聚焦

SS16 London Fashion Week: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Show Focus


The lights lit up, the demonstrators lined up in a row, wearing a crown of various colored papers, holding banners of slogans, and the media and guests on the second floor (in fact, the entire venue was in the basement) overlooking the seats on the show floor. "FRACKING IS A CRIME (referring to the British government's exploitation of resources by fracturing to cause environmental damage)", "TTIP IS A CRIME (referring to the US-EU-led transatlantic trade and investment partnership agreement)", the eye-catching slogan directly points out Vivienne Westwood's focus on recent social issues.

SS16 倫敦時裝周速記:NEWGEN 設計師展演直擊

SS16 London Fashion Week Shorthand: NEWGEN Designer Shows


The London Fashion Week's highly representative NEWGEN (New Generation) is the British Fashion Council's initiative to promote cutting-edge designers, led by VOGUE USA's renowned editor Sarah Mower MBE, leading the heavyweights in all areas of the fashion industry. Including media, stylists, marketing and business consultants, each season selects several different young designers to express the support of the British Fashion Association for cutting-edge designers by sponsoring the show and performance. Since the establishment of the program in 1993, many designers in the UK today include the late devil Alexander McQueen, first-line designers Christopher Kane, Erdem, Jonathan Saunders, and the most notable JW Anderson, Mary Katrantzou and Simone Rocha in the last two or three years. They were the best in the NEWGEN program.

SS16 倫敦時裝週速記:J.JS LEE & EUDON CHOI 秀場直擊

SS16 London Fashion Week Shorthand: J.JS LEE & EUDON CHOI


In September, the fashion industry event of the year and the second season started. Since the beginning of last weekend, the focus of the spotlight has shifted from New York to London. In the spring and summer of 2016, the Polysh editorial team traveled to London Fashion Week, which is famous for its avant-garde and cutting-edge designers, and worked with local photographers. Twelve or three cold air is very different from the warm climate of Asia. This shorthand focuses on two Korean designers, J.JS LEE and EUDON CHOI, who have been in the opening hours of London Fashion Week for several years. Although the theme is quite different, they all bring together the elegant and soft colors in the Spring/Summer 2016 collection. With texture. Let's follow the editorial and photography team to the highlights of the show!

SS16 倫敦時裝周,台灣設計師聚焦:Ming

SS16 London Fashion Week, Taiwan Designer Focus: Ming


Tian Mingbin, a new designer from Luying, took the MING as a personal brand with the word “Ming”. The six consecutive seasons of London Fashion Week have shown a steady and mature concept and persistence. After graduating from the Department of Women's Design at the University of the Arts in 2012, she was selected for the Fashion Scout SS13 Ones To Watch in the UK, and she made her debut at the London Fashion Week in the spring/summer 2013 collection with a cutting-edge designer.