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Not exclusive to Japanese girls: European and American stars also grab the pink cute woman


It’s just pink! The pink line is red in Asia this year and seems to inspire the girls of all Asian girls! But in fact, in Europe and America, everyone wears a pink and sexy femininity. Probably a feeling of forgetting the original intention - mature appearance, but secretly holding a little girl's feelings, thinking that now is too naive, had to strike a balance between the two, and finally to present a lovely pink line in a sexy way, Become a cute "woman." The face of Rihanna's strong woman is put on a childish and playful stage costume, showing the perfect combination of women and girls. Sisters who are tired together all day long Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, when the sisters get together, they want to bring out the girl’s heart together, and then show the model with good bumps! The 21-year-old supermodel Gigi Hadid has a lot of comfort and sports style, and the whole set of pink sports suits has the same star flavor. Supermodel Kendall Jenner privately wears a simple European-American style, a vest, jeans and white shoes, easy to go out! The color of the vest is chosen to match the color of her age, but at the same time it is also mature. An Jie Lina Julie is an elegant peach-colored split dress, stepping on the nude fish mouth high heels, temperament and femininity radiate from the inside out, really beautiful to make people's eyes can not be separated from her. European and American celebrities often use a full set of sportswear, which is one of their fashion models. Of course, it is very troublesome for famous people to think about how to match them every day. Rihanna is better to wear a whole set, which is convenient and comfortable yet stylish. Elda Hosk, a model of Victoria's secrets, is not only a fitness beauty indicator, but also attracts attention in private wear. A pink coat, a gentleman's hat and black boots are super powerful. Hailey Baldwin, a 19-year-old model, certainly hasn't forgotten the girl's heart, but she still has to follow the fashion circle to mature. Sienna Miller, who performed American snipers and special forces, wore a high-necked pink sweater with a reflexed pipe, and the pair on his feet was the super-selling Gucci Loafers. Pink hair color is not only for girls, but the girl's heart can also defeat their handsome personality. Red sky is full of funny supermodel Kara, a pink hair with her super personality does not violate the sense of harmony. Kristen Stewart, who has always worn a handsome and individual personality, has also been dyed with powder, and still looks like a personality. The most amazing thing is that the goddess Angelina Jolie is actually pulling up with pink. In addition to attending the dress, her private clothes are always dominated by black, but she dyed a pink hair without losing her sexy femininity. ...

太熱不想思考穿搭?一件「吊帶褲」,搞定不 NG 五種夏日 LOOK

Too hot, don't want to think about wearing it? A "sling pants", do not NG five kinds of summer LOOK


Summer always wants to wear fresh and comfortable, but the temperature makes your desire to wear sharply reduced? The girl’s favorite lazy dress is coming again! This time we specially searched five sling girls and taught you how to use the "sling pants" to complete the summer wear! Sometimes playful, sometimes sexy, in fact, suspenders can present many different LOOK! The key is how to match it. This time, we have selected five wearing people to present five different styles of different styles for everyone! 〖Girl's Overalls Look 01〗 The sapphire blue wide-brimmed pants are paired with two slings, with a special top and long shirts to match, wearing a girl's fresh atmosphere, a simple pair of white shoes can be perfect. Wear focus: playful and cute burger pattern stockings add a touch of girl's naughty feel to the whole (more details). 〖Girl's Overalls Look 02 〗 The pretty All Back ponytail with vintage brushed denim suspenders, wearing a beautiful sports and casual style, a simple T-shirt or vest can be presented. Wear focus: pink macarons socks with pink slippers, wear the girl's heart in sports style (more details). 〖Girl's Overalls Look 03〗 Short version of the vest plus oversize suspenders, slightly revealing a small waist show sexy, wearing a retro Snapback wearing a retro street trend style. 〖Girls' Overalls Look 04〗...


Not only can you wear in autumn and winter, but occasionally try the summer in the low-light green!


Green is a neutral color, giving a sense of comfort and peace of mind, while the lower-light military green, olive green, and dark green give a calm, intellectual feeling. However, many people may think that the green color of this earth color is only suitable for autumn and winter, but in fact, the four seasons are very suitable and good. Dark Green Army Green Olive Green Olive Drab Dappei Conclusion: Whether it is dark green, military green, olive green, this color with relatively low brightness and saturation is easy to give a calm feeling, so you can see it in the match. They are all based on a relatively simple colorless neutral black and white ash. This kind of green is often associated with military elements, but also in the design, there is a feeling of masculine. [This article is a combination of Polysh x Dappei – Apparel Wear Community] Join Polysh Facebook to read the latest and interesting interviews and articles.

"Less is More" simple control must learn to wear a guide! 3 minutes to make you avatar girl


"Less is More" is the consciousness that many fashion people have recently admired. It removes unnecessary decorations, accessories and patterns, and uses the simplest elements to create a special minimalist style. In fact, Taiwan's summer is very suitable for simple style wear! Under the hot weather, the thinner and simpler the wearing, not only can cool down, but also visually present a refreshing atmosphere! Girls often ask, "How should the simple style be worn? Will it not look sly, no spirit?" In addition to the choice of materials, materials and tailoring, the makeup on the face is also very important, maintaining a clean look and Keep a good look, plus a choice of texture and taste, you can also become a stylish simple girl! Classic unbeaten - black and white with who said can not be black and white? Black and white can be said to be the most realistic color in the closet! Whether it is casual white T, plain white shirt, black wide pants, narrow pants, any two pieces are very reasonable, with different makeup can be casual, elegant and elegant style. With the MANJU 馒 micro-transparent white casual top, it is casual and sexy. The lower body has chosen a special cut-up flared trousers to show the special taste and ingenuity. The bare beige clutch is not over-adapted. , showing Korean minimalist fashion. (More details) (Extended reading: Who said that this is the dance stick Aber is wearing? 2016 "bell-on trousers" trend of strong return!) Matching people Zero Li soft personality girl can also wear cool and simple with black and white elements wind! Oversize shoulder-cut white top with black wide pants, wide street width with wide X width, and a fisherman hat to strengthen the street feeling is also a good choice! (More details) (Extended reading: not only the Outdoor style, the "fisherman hat" can also make five styles) The fresh girl-long X wide and long version of the top has been popular for a while, and developed a short, long, long open Different styles of presentation, wide pants have become a must-have fashion item for girls. Long-length tops with wide pants can present a fresh and natural unprinted girl style, but this is also a dress that many girls dare not try. Choosing the right material and tailoring, the long X width is actually a simple skill that a simple woman must learn! Paired with Lisa Lai's short five-quarter sleeve white blouse with a light blue discount wide tube trousers. The discounted part makes the trousers stiffer, adding a touch of vigour to the overall loose fit. (More details) (Extended reading: Summer is coming, but not ready yet? It doesn't matter! Daren teaches you "before short and long" single product visual - 5 kg wearing) The long version of the shirt is casual, with Daning's wide flared trousers and a blue and white style for summer! The trousers that don't trim the edges are casual and lazy! (More details) Minutes outfit - One piece Dress One...

炎炎夏日就是要秀美腿!4 種單品挑選秘訣讓你視覺 -5KG

Summer is to show beautiful legs! 4 item selection tips to make you visual -5KG


The temperature is getting more and more crazy recently! How to wear it in the hot summer? I want to wear shorts and short skirts, but I am afraid that the meat that I carelessly ran out to say hi to everyone? Today's Dappei special plan to teach girls the key points of 4 kinds of single items, so that you can still be beautiful in the summer! In fact, as long as you grasp a few principles, you can straighten and slender the lines of your legs! This Dappei special project invites 8 wearers to demonstrate the "Summer Legs" wearing skills! . Slightly sexy--opening long skirts for girls who feel uncomfortable with a large area of ​​the legs, in fact, you can use the openwork items to reveal some of the leg lines, showing the looming charm, with high heels can extend the leg lines, Let you turn into a long-legged queen in a second. Paired with LISAYS (Extended reading: Girls' autumn pants wear and use "wide along gentleman's hat" can also create French elegance style!) Matching people yellow hanging / BB (Extended reading: rock and roll to save me! Super eye-catching The five "rock girl" of the character school wears). Pull up the waist line to show long legs - high waist shorts to pull up the waist line! Pull up the waistline! Pull up the waistline (it's important, so say three times)! Pulling the waistline can instantly increase the visual leg length by 10 cm. In fact, there are many ways to pull the waistline up, but in summer, everyone always wants to put the lesser things on the body, a high waist shorts is the girl. The best choice, whether it is with a short version of the shirt or put the clothes into it, can have a very good effect! Matching people Zhang Xiaodan (Extended reading: the proportion of legs is not scientific in an instant! Girls' thick-soled shoes are not absent in the four seasons!) Matching people P (Extended reading: Use these four sunglasses to sculpt the fashion of girls!) The upper and lower widths are always unbeaten—the A-line skirt A-line skirt has a narrow and wide design, which creates a visual gap. It looks like a thin waist and a thin leg. It should be 100 pieces in the girl's closet! I really recommend to girls who have less confidence in their legs. The A-line skirt is definitely your best choice. Matching people Tequilas Shih with Daren SX. (Extended reading: Korean girls are wearing this spring and summer! Wear a "breasted A-line skirt" to wear a youthful campus sense)...

除了 Outdoor 風,妳還可以嘗試的五種「漁夫帽」穿搭

In addition to the Outdoor wind, you can also try five kinds of "fisherman hats" to wear.


No matter what style of girl you like, if you want to have a little more level in the overall shape, you must not ignore the "fisherman hat." In addition to improving the overall level of the cockroach, the "fisherman's hat" can also protect the face from the sun. If you pick the right color and size, you can easily add a lot to the whole. When choosing a fisherman's hat, the first thing to notice is whether it matches your head shape, and then you can choose according to the color of the day and the style you want to create. If the whole body is worn in plain colors, the fisherman's hat can choose a style with a richer pattern or a brighter color, which can become the overall highlight. In addition to the above matching tips, what else can we learn? Let's take a look at the fisherman's hats of 5 different styles! 〖Fisherman hat girl style|wearing demonstration 01 〗 〖Fisherman hat girl style|wearing demonstration 02 〗 〖Fisherman hat girl style|wearing demonstration 03 〗 〖Fisherman hat girl style|wearing demonstration 04 〗 〖Fisherman hat girl style| Wear the model 05 〗 Dappei After reading the above five fisherman's hats with the passengers, I believe that I also found out how good the fisherman's hat is. I will try the next style and then catch the fisherman hat. I believe it will be There are a lot of effects. Let's build a fisherman hat style that belongs to you! [This article is a combination of Polysh x Dappei – Apparel Wear Community] Join Polysh Facebook to read the latest and interesting interviews and articles.


Personality girls can't miss it! A "hole" element to get the visual


If you want to be more personal and don't want to be too complicated, try a hole. How do you match NG with a hole in a single item? The most basic thing is to master the "hue". If you match this kind of single item for the first time, you can use the single color and the double color to make the main axis. It is easy to make the whole piece too complicated if you put on the items that are too complicated and different in color. Take this set of all-black wear as an example. The black hole-top coat is full of details. You can put on the black and white items in a timely manner, which will make the overall level richer and not too complicated. What are the rules for wearing a hole? Let's take a look at the interpretation of 5 different styles of collocations! 〖 破洞单品女孩风格| wear demonstration 01 〗 〖 破洞单品女孩风格| wear demonstration 02 〗 〖 破洞单品女孩风格| wear demonstration 03 〗 〖 破洞单品女孩风格| wear demonstration 04 〗 〖Dangdong single product girl style|wearing demonstration 05 〗 Dappei After reading the above five matching guest hole mixes, I believe you also found that the hole elements are not monotonous, not only can improve the overall visual Can also make the level more vivid! In addition to the combination of monochrome and different materials, next time you can try to use a small area of ​​"high chroma" items with black and white gray to enhance the overall brightness. [This article is a combination of Polysh x Dappei – apparel wear community] Join the Polysh...


Dedicated to the Gemini Shouxings: Gemini's Gemini, Daxie's small visit


This month is the month of Gemini. The friends who have birthdays from May 22 to June 21 belong to Gemini; and the origin of Gemini is as famous as the twins from the many sons of Zeus. A twin baby is like a person who has a twin personality at the same time—one on both sides, wandering between the ends. But what if it is "the twins of Gemini"? Two people who look very similar each have two personalities. We just know this pair of combinations - high popularity twins fashion bloggers! Dappei made a simple little interview and asked them to talk about what is special about being a Gemini twin? . Do you think you are a very "Gemini" person? Force: I think I am a Gemini! The ancient spirit is strange, casual, informal and very fickle (laugh), and has a lot of imagination! Hey: I also think that I am very Gemini, because I am really full of change. The thoughts of the last second and the next second are often far from each other. My friends have said that I feel that my speech is a bit nonsense! . Is it a lucky symbol of Gemini? Like a small thing, a print or a color? Force: I don't seem to have a lucky little thing (laughs), but I like the color of the mustard green and green retro! Every time I wear it, I will be in a good mood! Hey: Lucky little things are my red rabbit dolls. I used to take it with me before the exam (laugh). . What is your own instinct for Gemini?馒: If you wear it, I will try new popular things and styles, but I will still keep my own style, not blindly pursue but like to challenge to conquer those fresh feelings. Force: Wear what you like! May be Gemini's natural gossip personality, want to know everything, everywhere to see the popular new knowledge! Then I have the courage to try and accept the changing style! (Extended reading: How to wear in the season? Daxie vigorously shared the "good feeling girl" dress proposal). Pick a set of Dappei that you think you are the most Gemini wearing? MANJU馒林力. What does the Gemini favorite object look like? Force: I like clean and simple boys! A white TEE jeans with double sneakers look great! Hey: I like boys to wear simple tops and trousers. I can't resist the kind of boys who are naturally informal and a little man, so I don't like the simple clean style I like most! (Extended reading: Forbidden book in the eyes of boyfriend! Fashion bloggers greatly promote online shopping knowledge!) ...


Summer refreshing man: You can't miss the "white pants"


The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and it really makes people feel the heat of summer heat! When it comes to summer, the color is nothing more than ocean blue and refreshing white, but do you have such experience? When I decided to buy white trousers, I would simply put down my white trousers and turn to dark trousers because I was afraid of dirty. This season, you can't miss the super good white pants. Dappei teaches you to be a refreshing man in the summer! White Pants Look: Summer Stripes Matching Talents Victory Rose Quartz Pink is one of the annual representative colors of 2016, and boys are no longer afraid of pink! In fact, as long as the match is appropriate, pink can also become the boy's exclusive color! Dropped shoulder pink stripes and white trousers with a marbled back pack for a light summer look. Matching people Fei light gray is also one of the must-have versatile colors in summer! The thick stripes make the vision simple and clear, and the uncomplicated simplicity is matched with the pure whiteness of white, making it easy and casual summer white fashion! (Extended reading: I can't think of the "stripes", how can I wear them? See the "straight stripes vs. horizontal stripes" for the wear and tear demonstration.) White Pants Look: ALL White is a person who knows how to do fashion with a skateboarder. It must be discovered that one of the trends in the past one or two years is that the "single color system" is worn out, and the mysterious black system of autumn and winter is taken away. In spring and summer, of course, the clean pure white is used as the main axis, and the upper and lower body are respectively biased. Yellow cream white and pure cold whitening layer! With the reach of the circle, the collarless shirt will continue to burn in this season. Whether it is a high-end fashion brand show or a cheap clothing brand, it can be seen. The white shirt with the collar is more prominent, and the shirt hem is highlighted. The special design highlights the layering and taste, plus wide-tube white pants, the overall simplicity and not monotonous. (Extended reading: Your own white party is done by yourself, all white men wear demonstrations!) White Pants Look: Dressing gentleman white with Daren Ian Lin Most people have serious and heavy impressions of formalwear, but in summer, they also wear formal dresses. Can wear a light gentleman! Wearing a white trousers to create a refreshing summer atmosphere, a brown straight striped shirt with a burgundy bow, wearing a different naughty gentleman style. Paired with the Timer plaid suit to give people a refreshing feeling, wearing a summer vacation style overall, and with straw hats and Lok Fu shoes, complete the style of casual dress. (Extended reading: 500 suit gentlemen smashed the streets of Taipei, only to witness the world's most fashionable uncle! Suit Walk 2016) Dappei Conclusion Don't buy white pants because of white fear! Because the white pants are more versatile than you think, the CP value is higher! The wide-brimmed pants can wear a casual minimalist style, and the broken pants can show the street trend, while the suit pants show a casual style! Now find out the best white pants for you, and take the most confident wearing photo to upload Dappei! [This article is Polysh...


Personality girl look here! Handsome than the boyfriend's "baseball cap anti-wear" girl


In recent years, baseball caps are no longer patents for boys. More and more girls like to wear baseball cap styles that suit their style. In fact, as long as you buy a baseball cap, there are a lot of ways to get it. In addition to wearing a baseball cap, you can also try to turn the brim to the rear to create a more aggressive "baseball cap anti-wear" style. The "baseball cap anti-wear" not only creates a more sensible feeling, but also makes the head shape look better. Not only that, but the timely matching of the scorpion and the ponytail can also create different feelings! Let's take a look at how 5 different styles of collocations can put on their baseball caps and wear them! 〖Baseball cap anti-wear girl style|wearing demonstration 01 〗 ▲ MANJU馒 oversize college t to put on black loose shorts, the lower body is tied with gray socks and casual shoes to lengthen the proportion, while the white round backpack makes the overall tone More abundant. ▲ Anti-wearing a baseball cap will not only create a more dynamic feeling, but also the level of the side and back. 〖Baseball cap anti-wear girl style|wearing demonstration 02 〗 ▲ Geely with loose white T to put on the trousers, the lower body is with playful floral shoes, anti-wearing the tannin baseball cap adds a whole sense of liveliness, also Responds to the color of the shoes. ▲The baseball cap is worn back, just like a girl wearing a hair band, can modify the face shape, and can also decorate the hair. 〖Baseball hat anti-wear girl style|wear demonstration 03 〗 ▲ YA Wen with splash paint suspenders on the blue t, the lower body is equipped with sports socks and casual shoes, the overall match is lively and individual, then wear the baseball cap More vitality. ▲ Anti-wearing the baseball cap will not only make the back more layered, but also add a lively feeling. 〖Baseball cap anti-wear style|wear demonstration 04 〗...