Minibus dining car in the gallery, Athens 48 Urban Garden

This is a story about many illusions that come true - the night light of Greece reflects the bright light of your face, lingering in the gallery after the closing, not to look at the exhibition and silently chewing on the ambiguity, but It is the most indispensable joy for satisfying life. Of course, there are also chewing and thinking, and the factors that are enticing and deliberate to forget are integrated into the air to cover the whole body. All the fantasies in the story belong to the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center. When I walked out of the hall, I suddenly looked back. We met the illuminating minibus 48 Urban Garden. When people talk about studying philosophy, art, democracy or even the history of the Olympics, the pioneering significance of the Greek capital Athens has always been unquestionable. In this ancient city with a cultural balance and contemporary development, the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center was born in the first complex space, with modern art exhibitions, literary publications, book fairs, poetry and even music events and theater performances... ...and nothing to do; so there is no limit to the space, naturally also shaped a unique catering service. Image Source: 48 Urban Garden Facebook. Image Source: 48 Urban Garden Facebook. A silver Airstream minibus dining car is stationed in the lobby on the first floor. It is like a hail of gaze gazing at a group of tables and chairs scattered around it, 190 square meters. The vast hinterland of the ruler turns into the most fascinating galaxies in the world. It looks like a surreal show. In fact, every day and night outside of Monday, when it is wrong, it continues to cook a sincere and feast. Image Source: 48 Urban Garden Facebook. Image Source: 48 Urban Garden Facebook. Image Source: 48 Urban Garden Facebook. Saved the last century's aircraft fluid dynamics as a design inspiration, the aluminum alloy sleek body is in the warmth of the room. Light - Now that I have chosen Airstream, which is called "Camping Trailer Rolls Royce"...

Buying notes | Picking a room for North African style, MERCHANT selection store


Perhaps the same as the wine, Chen Yuexiang, the older the more items, the more delicious. With delicate totems, calm colors and fascinating details, "The Ancients" always has a fan of diehard fans around the world, using a unique eye to screen the texture of life, from wearing, home furnishings to life attitudes. Replace the unique taste. This Los Angeles-based retro-shop, Merchant, is named after the English "businessman" and was created by stylist Denise Portmans. Since 2014, it has been arranging all kinds of purchases from around the world. Medieval antique furniture, home furnishings, and the most fascinating collections are the gorgeous Moroccan rugs. Through the artistic display method, the past and present tastes conflict and blend in the small storefronts; the guests visiting the place are not only the random passengers, but also more from the operating homestays, art galleries and Designers and collectors who plan activities. Whether it's a special-style homestay or action camper, or an art gallery or market selection, Merchant can choose the right one for them. "Why do I use the name of the store as " Merchant"?" "Because I am a businessman!" Before starting this store, Denise was a stylist who had great experience and talent for decoration and dressing. After the birth of Merchant, the replacement and arrangement were replaced. It’s the big thing after every purchase of the goods – letting the acquired goods have a creative scene theme, which is the main reason why Merchant’s always vibrant and lively style. In addition to the store that sells furniture and handicrafts, Merchant also has its own gallery "Merchant Gallery", which brings together various art selections and handicrafts from North Africa and presents them in a modern style. Provide customers with another choice of artistic layout. A unique combination of craftsmanship and taste, from Denise's own love of art; "My inspiration comes from many artists, designers and architects. List some people like Louis Barragan, Ruth Asawa, Calder, Noguchi, Barbara Hepworth , Henry Moore and Charles & Ray Eames." In Merchant...

Come to the Pink Street Party: Stay in the Airstream Trailer on the roof for one night, Melbourne Notel


In recent years, the use of parking space has spawned some new trends. A space that is sometimes occupied and sometimes vacant is a new venue for temporary events; especially on weekends, a design or living small market is a lively event. In large cities such as Melbourne, where the market or party is not new, the roofs of the buildings have also hosted many cinemas, restaurants, camping activities, swimming pools, etc. In a modern city without the lack of food, coffee and night scenes, perhaps the traditional hotel can't satisfy the slightly hippie heart. As a person who travels all the year round, James Fry seems to feel that there are similarities in restaurants and hotel structures around the world. He has a three-story parking lot in Melbourne, and he can make money by looking at his watch, but he has a new idea - even if it is realized, it will increase the wrinkles and dark circles on his face. He imported six aluminum shell Airstream trailers from the US for about $7,000, smashed them into the interior, shipped them to Geelong (Geelong City), transported them to Melbourne's city centre, and finally used cranes to reach the roof of their parking lot. It's not a hotel, it's Notel! The six remodeled Airstreams are like the little monsters from the future world. They are based on the roof, the silvery shell, the pink interior, and the retro futurism. The most striking feature is the wall-painting work by artist Ash Keating; these inkjets are done with the pressure of a fire extinguisher, full of street DIY vitality, like Friday night at the party to overwhelm bloody Mary, sprinkled on the facade of the building . However, Notel can provide more for each city roamer than this. Although there is no traditional restaurant manager, or a restaurant, gym and bar, Notel provides Netflix for guests, watching movies and movies before going to bed, or finding the most unique surroundings by wifi and virtual managers. Restaurant and activities. In addition, Notel has a small bar, No Bar, which offers local artisanal beers, sparkling wine and a variety of snacks for everyone to enjoy. The most pleasant thing is that each Airstream trailer has its own separate temperature control system and bathroom. The interior of the car is connected with a pipe, so that guests can climb out to the public toilet at half past two in the middle of the night. One of the Airstream with Benefits allows you to enjoy an outdoor Jacuzzi while watching the city at night. Of course, parking at this Car Park Air Hotel is completely free. After booking successfully, pass the Flinders Lane...